True Confession: ‘I love my wife so much but she keeps cheating on me’

True Confession: ‘I love my wife so much but she keeps cheating on me’

“Dear Editor,

My name is Sammy, a heartbroken young man because, despite the fact that I love my wife with all my heart, she is still cheating on me.

I am what you will call a one-woman-man and whenever I am in a relationship, I don’t ever cheat on the woman and when I met Anita, I had just come out of a relationship that lasted for over three years.

Chioma was my first love and I loved her so much and in all the years we dated, I never looked at another woman.

I dreamt of getting married to Chioma and never contemplated life without her but along the line, she started dating a politician and the man spoilt her silly with all the things I could not afford to give her.

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I was so hurt when I realized that Chioma was sleeping with the man and she did not even make any effort to hide the fact.

I was even willing to forgive her if she was ready to change but she told me in clear terms that she had grown beyond my status and no more in my class anymore.

I was so hurt at the betrayal and for almost one year, I stayed away from women as I did not want to get hurt again, knowing how fragile my heart has always been.

But that was before I met Anita and fell madly in love with her and she knew that I was crazy about her.

At the initial stage, she showed me so much love and did all she could to get me out of the mood Chioma had put me into.

After dating for two years, I proposed to Anita and we got married in 2016 but two years after our marriage, I have come to realize that I have been living in a fool’s paradise because my wife has been cheating on me right from day one and she was so clever to hide it from me.

I got to about my wife’s infidelity when I ran into an old school mate who lived in the United States of America.

Tade was my coursemate and roommate while we were in the university and left for the US after our graduation.

We met at a party one of our old boys threw and I was surprised he had come into Nigeria because he did not call me like he used to do.

While we were chatting and catching up on old times, Tade told me he was in Nigeria to look for a wife and that he was lucky to meet one very beautiful woman who has been making his head go gaga.

That was typical of Tade who was known as a lady’s man. He gushed so much about the woman in his life and how he planned to get married to her before going back to the U.S.

He added that he would be going to see her parents soon and even invited me to go with him.

While we were still talking, a call came in and he spent some time talking to the lady, telling her so many sweet words.

When he was done, he decided to show me the photo of the woman on his phone and, lo and behold, it was Anita, my lawfully wedded wife.

My screams must have shocked Tade and other people close by as they all rushed to me thinking I had a heart attack.

I did not know when I passed out but when I was revived, I could not tell anyone what had just happened to me.

I managed to drive myself home but Anita was not around and did not come back till late in the evening.

When I confronted her with my findings, she told me plainly that it was true that she was in love with Tade and would go ahead and marry him.

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She said she was just waiting for the right time to tell me and that she was in the process of filing divorce papers to end our marriage.

I have been inconsolable since the incident and my life is gradually ebbing away as I have nothing else to live for. I am shattered and I do not think I can ever trust any woman again as long as I live.


Dear readers, this is a pathetic story of betrayal, treachery, and deception and on True Confession today, we will like you to tell Sammy what to do.

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