True Confession: ‘My born-again wife is sleeping with our pastor’

True Confession: ‘My born-again wife is sleeping with our pastor’

“Dear Editor,
My name is Kingsley, a 38-year-old man living and working in Lagos. I have been married for two years but my marriage is on the verge of a collapse because my so-called born-again wife is nothing but a cheap slut who has been sleeping with our pastor.
I met Mary when a friend invited me to his church for a weeklong programme. Before then, I used to attend church services sparingly as I did not have a specific church.
Whenever I had the urge to attend a church service, I would pick the nearest one close to me or go to anyone I was invited to.
But when I decided to accept my friend’s invitation after many months of pleading with me, I found out that this was a church I needed to get committed to and stay put. For one thing, the pastor and founder was a dashing young man who seemed filled with an uncommon anointing.
The second thing was that there were many young people closer to my age and many of them looked well to do. You know that thing about aligning yourself to people who will affect your well-being and reasoning.

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The third reason, as mundane as it sounded, was that there were many young and unmarried ladies especially in the choir and I knew I would be in for a good time if I kept attending the church.
I was single and seriously searching for a wife, even as my mother was on my neck to get a wife and start giving her grandchildren.
It was during the third in the church that I actually noticed Mary who was the praise and worship leader. Whenever Mary was leading the session, it was as if the angels were ministering and her voice rang above others.
Another thing I noticed was that she was very pretty, though not very young (she was in her 30s as well), but she carried herself very well.
I was struck and told my friend about her when the service ended. He told me that if I was really serious, I should go and meet the pastor as he alone had the final say in such things.
I went to see the pastor and told him I wanted to marry Mary. He sent for her and asked me to repeat what I had told him and when I repeated myself, he said he would go into prayer and table my request before the Almighty.
Two weeks later, he called us again and told her we were meant for each but that we should not court for more than six months.
We courted in a Christian way and Mary would not come to my house unless she was accompanied by another sister.
However, one thing I noticed was that she seemed to be closer to the pastor and was always at his house carrying out one chore or the other, especially when his wife traveled which was very often.
At last, we got married and settled to a married life but the rate at which she kept going to the pastor’s house had not reduced and when I complained, she would tell me that her Christian life was also dedicated to serving her ‘daddy in the Lord.’
Little did I know that the service was beyond just helping him out with house chores until the pastor’s wife caught them in their matrimonial bed and raised an alarm.
The matter was taken to the church elders and my wife confessed that she had been sleeping with the pastor for years and even after our marriage, they have continued in their adulterous acts.

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The elders have tried to bury the shameful act and have been begging me to forgive my wife but how can I ever live with the knowledge that my wife was actually sleeping with the so-called man of God?
Dear readers, after going through Kingsley’s pathetic story on True Confession today, what would be your advice for him?

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