True Confession: ‘My father has vowed to disown me if I marry a woman I love’

True Confession: ‘My father has vowed to disown me if I marry a woman I love’

“Dear Editor,
My name is Ahmad, a 30-year-old man. I am from a royal family from the Northern part of Nigeria and apart from being royalty, my father is very religious and tends to uphold everything in the Quran steadfastly.
Apart from being very religious, he also does not compromise when it comes to tradition and whatever position he holds on any issue is never shaken even when you have a superior argument.
Once he has made up his mind on something, he never changes it no matter who is involved and has been ruling our family with this strong hand.
I am the third son and the only one who is not married apart from the younger ones and my status is not by design or choice but as a sign of my rebellion.

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Right from when I was a child, I always opposed most decisions by my father and was seen as a rebel. I mingled with Christian kids while growing up despite his warnings to stay away from them.
For me, I never saw anyone from the opposite religion as an enemy despite what my father and other relatives thought of them.
I met and fell in love with Chioma when I was posted to Anambra State for my youth service about four years ago. I am crazy about Chioma and she feels the same way about me but I always knew that my father will not accept her as my choice of a wife though I was prepared to put my foot down.
When I went back home and he told me that he and my mother had chosen a wife for me (the daughter of his close friend and business partner and a distant relation), I told him in clear terms that I would never get married to Hadiza as I had someone I was in love with and wanted to marry.
My father almost had a heart attack when I told him the lady was an Igbo girl and a Christian. He announced that over his dead body will I marry a ‘kaffir’, especially one who was not from the North.
And typically, I told him nothing will stop me from getting married to Chioma and I was ready to leave his house for him if that would make me achieve my aim of being with my love.
Since then, we have been in a serious battle over Chioma and neither of us is ready to shift grounds. It was because of the crisis in the family that I moved to Lagos where I have been living with Chioma who is now carrying my baby.

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When I broke the news to my parents, my father sent words to me that I do not have his blessings to marry Chioma and that he will disown me if I go ahead to marry her.
As much as I love Chioma so much, he is still my father and I feel hurt that I have disobeyed him but then, it is my life and if getting married to the love of my life will make him disown me, I am prepared to face it.
Dear readers, you have read Ahmad’s story on True Confession today, so we want you to advise him on what to do.

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