True Confession: ‘My fiance infected me with HIV and wants to dump me’

True Confession: ‘My fiance infected me with HIV and wants to dump me’

“Dear Editor,

My name is Naomi, a 28-year-old lady living with HIV which I got from my fiance who now wants to dump me.

I met Daniel about three years ago after my boyfriend of six years dumped me for my best friend. When I met Daniel, I was not ready for a serious relationship because I was still hurting but after he pestered me for over four months, I accepted to give him a chance.

In the beginning, he made me feel so good and I soon forgot about my lost love and gave him my heart and soul. One thing I noticed with Daniel was that he was always complaining of one ailment or the other and was always taking drugs but I never knew they were retro-viral drugs.

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He told me they were drugs for high blood pressure and I stupidly believed him. When we started making love, I insisted on him using a condom but after a while, we became careless and had sex several times without a condom unless I was ovulating.

But last year, I began to fall sick on a regular basis. I will be very healthy in the morning but by evening, I will be very sick, feeling weak and very lazy.

I would go to a hospital and be treated for typhoid fever and malaria and after a while, I will be okay, only to relapse again.

After suffering these bouts for a while, my doctor suggested I should go for an HIV test and when the result came out, it was positive.

When I saw the result, I almost fainted and if not for the doctor, I could have committed suicide. I thought my life was going to end but the doctor told me to realise that being HIV positive was not a death sentence and that if I managed it well and took my drugs regularly, I could still live my life to the fullest.

When I got to Daniel’s place that evening, I showed him the result and there and then, he confessed that he too had been living with HIV for over 10 years.

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I knew he was the one who had infected him and was mad at him for ruining my life but he also told me that having HIV was not the end of life as he too had been managing it very well. He then promised to marry him.

But after a while, Daniel began to change and it was glaring that he was avoiding me. Anytime I called him, he would be evasive and one day, he had the guts to tell me that he was having second thoughts about getting married to me as he did not want to have children who would be born with the HIV virus.

How wicked can a man be? After infecting me with the HIV virus, he now wants to dump me. I have had different thoughts on how to deal with Daniel, including killing him and killing myself.


Dear readers, after going through Naomi’s pathetic story on True Confession today, what do you think she should do in the situation she has found herself in?

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