True Confession: ‘My fiancee dumped me because I was poor, now she wants me back’

True Confession: ‘My fiancee dumped me because I was poor, now she wants me back’

“Dear Editor,

My name is Nduka and I have a story to share with your readers, especially young men like me to beware of women who will only be there for them when things are good and dump them when things get rough.

I came to Lagos to start life as an apprentice for a businessman from my hometown and after serving the man for seven years, he ‘settled’ me and gave me some money with which I used to open my own shop.

At that time, I had a girlfriend, Ijeoma, whom I thought I would end up marrying but Ije had such high taste that I could not cope with as I could not afford to give her the good things of life she desired.

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I kept pleading with Ije to be patient as things would soon be okay and to assure her of my love, I proposed marriage to her and she accepted.

But along the line, she could no longer cope with my poverty and told me in plain terms that she was moving on as she was not ready to suffer with any man.

Ijeoma’s betrayal hurt me so much especially when she told me to my face that I had no future and she could not spend her life with such a man.

A few months later, I heard that she got married to a rich businessman she often told me was her uncle. I was devastated and I vowed that no matter what it took, I was going to become successful in my business.

God, in His infinite mercy, came to my aid when I was introduced to a Chinese man who wanted to bring in some tricycles into Nigeria and we went into a very successful partnership which suddenly lifted my status from a struggling businessman to a very wealthy and successful distributor.

Things changed for the better and I can say now that God blessed me so much that I own five thriving companies and I now have a ‘future’.

But about six months ago, Ije came out from the blues and traced me to my office where she begged and cried for me to take her back, saying she realised her mistakes and wanted to make amends.

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I am really confused because as much as I want to be free from her, I still remember the love I had for her and at times, I am tempted to allow her into my life again.

But my whole family is against that and they have made it known they would not accept her as my wife.

What should I do?


Dear readers, on True Confession today, what do you think Nduka should do now that a woman who dumped him when he was poor now wants her back?

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