True Confession: ‘My husband can’t satisfy me in bed’

True Confession: ‘My husband can’t satisfy me in bed’

“Dear Editor,
My name is Amaka, a 28-year-old married woman with a lovely daughter. I have been married to Olisah for five years now but in the past two years, I have been getting frustrated every day due to his inability to satisfy me in bed.
When we newly got married, our sex life was not this bad though it was not fantastic but it was manageable but after the birth of our daughter, it has dwindled to the extent that we hardly get to have sex and even when we do, Olisah will be done even before I get into second gear.

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Anytime I complain, he will tell me that life was not all about sex and that if I can seek a man to satisfy me if I cannot cope with what he gives.
In fact, I have been tempted many times to do just that but I always fear what repercussion is there for me if I engage in extra-marital affairs.
I have advised him to seek medical help or even take sex-enhancing drugs but Olisah will not accept such, saying that there is nothing wrong with him, only that he is not too crazy about sex.
I am a young woman and sex means a lot to me as well but with the way my husband is going about this, I will have no option but to get a man who will satisfy me in bed.

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Some friends I confided in say I should get a man for myself and even went as far as matching me up but I am scared.
What should I do to save my marriage?
Dear readers, after going through Amaka’s story on True Confession today, do you think she should engage in extra-marital affairs? What do you think she should do to help her husband?

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