True Confession: ‘My husband has been sleeping with my best friend’

True Confession: ‘My husband has been sleeping with my best friend’

“Dear Editor,

My name is Alice, a 28-year-old devasted woman after I discovered that my husband of three months has been sleeping with my best friend.

Japh and I had dated for two years and I was crazy about him, so when he proposed to me, I was over the moon as I had the dream of spending the rest of my life with him but little did I know that I was sharing him with my best friend, Amma.

I met Japh at a friend’s birthday party and right from day one, we realized that we had a lot of things in common. We shared the same birth month, the same hobbies and had the same taste for many things.

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Many of my friends felt I had met my soul mate because of the many similarities we had. When I introduced him to Amma, they kind of clicked and Amma kept encouraging me to take the affair seriously.

Amma and I had known each other way back in secondary school and we soon became family friends with our parents getting to know and like each other.

I spent holidays in their house and she was welcomed in my home even in my absence. I could go to their house and spend weeks without her being at home and it was the same for her.

We shared clothes and played pranks like the teenagers we were. Many people did not know we were not related, neither did we come from the same state but our closeness was out of this world.

The only thing that set us apart was that Amma was very envious and whatever I had, she would want to have the same thing but I did not know she would transfer such covetousness to my husband.

When I was to get married, it was just natural for her to be my maid of honour and she put herself so much into the preparation that people thought she was the one getting married.

After our marriage, I had to take some time off from work while Japh resumed at his office but instead of always coming back home on time like newly married men, he would always find excuses to stay back in the office or God knows where, and come home late.

When I confided in some friends, they said he was still adjusting to married life and would still want to hang out with the boys. They said I should not worry as he would soon get to the realization that he was now a married man.

The day it dawned on me that his excuses of hanging with the boys were all lies was when he sent me a text message that he may not come back home because external auditors came to his office and they would work till late in the night.

I was so bored at home and I needed company, so I decided to go and spend the night with Amma; at least I would have someone to talk to.

It was past 9 pm when I got a taxi to take me to Amma’s apartment. The first shocker I got was when I entered Amma’s compound and saw Japh’s car parked beside her car.

I was taken aback at what I saw but in my mind, I thought he had gone there for a quick dinner because her house was closer to his office than ours. As I made to knock on Amma’s door, I heard some funny sounds like people moaning inside and I stood back to listen very well.

The sounds were very unmistaken. The people inside were making love and the sounds were becoming more passionate. I heard Japh telling Amma those sweet things he often told me when we made love.

I tried the doorknob but it was locked and I went to the window to peep inside and there on the floor, was my newly wedded husband having sex with my best friend.

Mad with anger, I went to the door and banged on it, screaming at the adulterous duo that I had seen it all.

As I banged on the door, I was screaming and some other tenants who heard the commotion came out and begged me to calm down. They also called on Amma to open the door but she refused.

When I was about to make a scene, an elderly lady took me to her house and begged me to go home and take things easy so as to avoid reacting in a negative way.

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Instead of going home that night, I went to another friend’s house where I spent the night crying all through.

It is now two weeks since the incident and Japh, his friends and sisters have been begging me to forgive him and give him another chance but I have made up my mind to file for a divorce.

My parents and siblings have also begged me to forgive him and work on my marriage while Amma’s mother has been calling me every day begging me to forgive her daughter but how can I ever forgive the two people I held so dear hurting me that much?


Dear readers, this is a story of high-powered betrayal from two trusted people on an innocent woman. On True Confession today, we want you to weigh in on this and advice Alice on what to do?

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