True Confession: ‘My husband is fond of having sex with my maids’

True Confession: ‘My husband is fond of having sex with my maids’

“Dear Editor,
My name is Vivian, a 38-year-old married woman with four lovely children. I have been married to Ken for 15 years now and all through the years, I have had to endure his infidelity and cheating.
I always believed and hoped he will change with age but as he grows older, it seems his sexual libido keeps increasing and he has continued cheating on me without any care in the world.

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If only he would restrict his cheating to the numerous women he sleeps with outside our marriage, I would not have too much of a problem, after all, as they say, what the eyes do not see, the heart do not grieve about.
But Ken is so low that he is fond of sleeping with my maids. I have caught him having sex with two of my maids in the past and he would always plead that I should forgive him which I always did for the sake of the children.
But the last straw that broke the Camel’s back happened two months ago when I found out that my maid, (well, not a maid per se because she is my distant cousin) who has been helping to take care of my last child, was pregnant and she said it was Ken who got her pregnant.
I was both mad and disappointed when I confronted him and he accepted being responsible for the girl’s pregnancy and even suggested she should keep it.

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I am really broken and don’t know how to face my family and friends when this raging scandal blows out.
I am tempted to file for a divorce but I fear what will happen to my children if their parents are divorced.
What should I do?
Dear readers, after reading Vivian’s pathetic story on True Confession today, what would be your advice for her?

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