True Confession: ‘My husband’s weakness in bed is driving me into adultery’

True Confession: ‘My husband’s weakness in bed is driving me into adultery’

“Dear Editor,

My name is Atinuke, a 28-years-old married woman while my husband is 36 but even with such a young age, his sex drive has hit a bottom rock and I don’t know if I can stand it any longer.

We got married three years ago and while our sex life has not always been top notch, it has dwindled so badly that I am tempted to look for a man who will satisfy me because things seem to go from bad to worse every other day.

I am sexually active and but my husband is now more of a one-minute man and he does not see anything wrong with that.

He can go for three months without touching me and even when I initiate sex, he would frustrate me so much and even when we get to do it, he will be done even before I get wet.

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As far he is concerned, I should be okay with that, even when I complain about his inability to satisfy me in bed.

In the first two years of our marriage, the sex was good and regular but after our first child, it began to dwindle, so much that I would be lucky to get it once a week. From there, it was a tug of war to even get sex once a month, with my husband giving me one excuse or the other.

I could have understood with the work pressure and all, but anytime he agreed to have sex, he would not be able to hold an erection for more than two minutes. It will take me an eternity to get his penis to get erect and when it does, it will go down immediately, even before he enters me.

I have cajoled, begged and fought my husband to get medical help but he will have none of that. He keeps claiming that there is nothing wrong with him.

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The last time I brought up the issue, it caused a serious fight and he told me I could leave his house if I am not satisfied with his sexual performance.

I am seriously tempted to cheat on my husband as the situation does not look like it will ever change anytime soon.


Dear readers, after going through Atinuke’s story on True Confession today, what do you think she should do in this situation?

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