True Confession: ‘My mother-in-law pushed me into the arms of another man’

True Confession: ‘My mother-in-law pushed me into the arms of another man’

“Dear Editor,

My name is Glory, a 36-year-old married woman who was pushed into the arms of another by my mother-in-law due to her constant bickering about my childless status.

As a result of that, I am currently three months pregnant but my husband is not responsible for my pregnancy.

I have been married for 12 years but all through those years, my mother-in-law and my husband’s sisters have not given me any peace of mind as they keep blaming me for our inability to have a child. They have called me all sorts of names, attacked me physically and at one time, brought a new wife for my husband all in a bid to force me out.

Most times, I have felt like committing suicide especially when my husband, looked on without coming to my aid.

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In fact, my husband has taken sides with his family to maltreat me with all of them blaming our inability to have a child on me as if I am God or I would put the baby in my womb. But all the medical tests I took proved that there was nothing wrong with me and that I was fertile enough to have my own children.

I know the number of nights I have cried and begged God to take my life because of what they made me go through. Do I begin to recall the insults I have received from my mother-in-law, the name calling, the abuses and the slaps I have gotten from her?

What of the insults she has heaped on my family, calling my mother a witch and branding every member of my family as good for nothing low-lives?

What of times she spat on my face, poured water on me, called me a barren woman who only ate her son’s food and money without giving him a child?

No one laid a blame on my husband and all my efforts to get him to go for a test proved abortive as he kept saying he was man enough and that my inability to have a child was because I had destroyed my womb with abortions before we got married.

The trauma was getting too much when a close friend advised I date another man and see if the problem was really from me or from my husband.

By this time, I was past caring and I threw all caution to the wind and decided to take my friend’s advice. She linked me up with a man and we started dating secretly.

It was then no surprise that six months into the affair, I became pregnant. When I told my husband that I was pregnant, he was not enthralled at first but when I showed him the test result, he went about pumping his chest, calling himself a man and a father to be.

He told his mother and sisters and they all came over to congratulate me, forgetting all they made me go through. They have been treating me like a queen these days, falling over themselves to make me feel comfortable.

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But I have a surprise for them. I have not told my secret lover that he is the father of my baby yet. My friend says I should not let him know and I should cut off the relationship as I have gotten what I wanted.

But I plan to punish my husband and his family by declaring that he is not the one responsible for my pregnancy. But before I do that, I plan to be far away from them.

I can take care of my baby when he is born even without a father. What do you think?


Dear readers, Glory is really on a vengeful mission and the pains she went through is fueling her anger. On True Confession today, do you think she should go about it the way she has planned it?

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