True Confession: ‘My parents have refused to accept my Christian lover’

True Confession: ‘My parents have refused to accept my Christian lover’

“Dear Editor,
My name is Aisha, a 23-year-old lady. I live in Abuja with my parents though I am originally from Kano State.
My father is an educated man and actually schooled abroad and is working with a government agency as a director but I am surprised that with his level of exposure, having lived abroad and worked in other parts of Nigeria, he still sees things from a parochial point of view.
I graduated from the University two years ago and served in Rivers State where I met Martins and we fell in love madly.

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I am bold to say that at 23, I was still a virgin and it was Martins who deflowered me and made me a proud woman. While growing up, I had made up my mind that I will only give my virginity to either my husband or the man I would get married to and for me to allow Martins that privilege showed that I really wanted to spend my life with him.
The only snag I noticed was that Martins is a Christian and from the south-south part of Nigeria but I did not worry about that because I thought my father, being an exposed man, will not have any issue with that.
But how wrong I was because when I informed them about Martins and that he would be coming to see them, my father almost blew his top and said nothing would ever make him bless my marriage to a non-Muslim and a southerner for that matter.
And true to his words, he refused to allow Martins come into our house when he came to Abuja to visit me. He has warned me never to talk about Martins again and never to harbour the dream of getting married to a Christian.
But it is my life and future we are talking about here. I am sad that my parents are not after my own happiness just because of religion.

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I am tempted to run away from home or get pregnant for Martins; just anything to make us be together for life but as much as I love him, I still love my parents and will not want to do anything to bring grieve to them.
I am torn between my love and my parents.
Please, help me.
Dear readers, this is another battle between love and religion. And after reading about Aisha’s story on True Confession today, what advice do you have for her?

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