True Confession: ‘The biggest regret in my life was marrying a born-again woman’

True Confession: ‘The biggest regret in my life was marrying a born-again woman’

“Dear Editor,
My name is Nelson, a 40-year-old man living and working in Lagos. I have been married to Comfort for four years now and we have two children but I have been living in a deep regret as I realized that I made the biggest mistake of my life.

In truth, I met Comfort in the church and as a born-again Christian, I thought I was blessed by God to be getting married to her but over the years, her holier-than-thou attitude has made our marriage a living hell as everything we do must be according to what is in the Bible or it will be a no-no.

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Every one of her actions is guided by Bible principles and anything that seems to go against what God would approve of is bound and cast with prayers, fasting, assignments and anointing oil.

For the avoidance of doubt, I am not saying it is wrong for one to be holy or live a Godly life but my wife is an extreme case, the ones people call fanatics.

When I met Comfort and made my intentions of marrying her known to her, she first directed me to the pastor and after I made it known to him that I intended getting married to sister Comfort, I was referred to the marriage committee who gave me a booklet containing the dos and don’ts of Christian courtship.

The rules were so much and should have triggered an alarm in me but I was madly in love with Comfort and was ready to go to any length to get married to her.

But after our marriage, I knew I was in for trouble as everything we did as a couple must be guided by the word of God or what the pastor said.

We had to pray for hours before we could make love; we must abstain from sex whenever we were observing a fast which was almost every month, at times going for two weeks.

In recent times, my wife has taken her spirituality to another level as even the sight of ants in the house calls for ‘casting and bindings and tearing down of a stronghold’ and all that.

Every neighbour is either a wizard or a witch and any wrong word is met with thunder and brimstone prayers.
I cannot send money to some members of my family because they would use the money as a weapon against me.

I cannot even eat in my relatives’ homes or they would use me as a point of contact to harm her and our children.
I have to undergo spiritual assignments every month to be fortified at all times and everything I do must have approval from the pastor, even when to have sex with my wife.

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I am seriously tired of my wife’s dogmatic Christian life and the pastor is not helping matters as he keeps supporting her whenever I lay a complaint.
Dear readers, on True Confession today, we want you to advise Nelson on how to go about handling this situation.

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Isaac Dachen is the Editor-In-Chief at 1stnews. He is a graduate of English and Public Relations. A social critic and political analyst, he is also a big, big Arsenal fan.

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  1. Ier

    Nelson. This is not a Christian woman o…she sounds like she needs therapy. Jesus never behaved this way. Ants and casting and binding. I don’t know what to say o… please enter prayer and fasting yourself… Pele. And may the Lord be with you.

  2. Chris Ozoude

    He should observe that virtue stands in the middle.
    Anything that gets to an extreme becomes a bad joke.
    These extremes are not Christian Spirituality
    They are Religiousity that even Jesus himself will not like.

    How educated is this pastor?
    He is misleading this woman and destroying the family.
    But the man shoulr pray directly to.God to show him Direction.

    If still confused, let him locate a good Catholic Priest to help him.

  3. Chris Ozoude

    A lesson to learn from.
    Let young people grow in Spirituality and relate to God himself
    In this religiousity of listening to pastors without moderacy
    For a number of teachers are poorly educated about life,
    About truth
    what pleases God.

    ~Author of Youthhood in Africa(pls get the book online)

  4. Justice

    It appears Nelson is the unserious type. It is evidently clear u are not born again, only went to church to marry. The first thing to do is to be born again. Nothing is wrong with ur wife, it’s u that need help.


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