True Confession: ‘Two months to our wedding, my fiancée is pregnant for another man’

True Confession: ‘Two months to our wedding, my fiancée is pregnant for another man’

“Dear Editor,

My name is Idy, a 36-year-old man currently preparing for my wedding but I have just discovered that my fiancée is pregnant for another man.

Our wedding has been fixed for June this year but a test conducted by my church as part of the wedding rituals showed that Juliet is two months pregnant and I am not the responsible for it.

I have been dating Juliet for the past three years and I love her so much and would want nothing more than settling down with her but little did I know that she has been cheating on me with different men.

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I proposed to her late last year and we had our introduction in December. Our wedding invitation cards are all out and everyone is looking forward to the great day but somewhere along the line, our pastor insisted that we must go for a pregnancy test.

I did not have any problems with that as she had never told me she was pregnant and we had been making love with protection all along as I did not want to have a child out of wedlock.

So we went for the pregnancy test and lucky for me, I took her to a doctor friend to conduct not just a pregnancy test but other tests including HIV test. The next day, my friend called and said I should see him in his office alone.

My initial fear was that Juliet was infected with a sexually transmitted disease but when I went to see my friend, he took me to his office and with a wide smile on his face, congratulated me.

I was confused and asked him why the congratulations. My friend then said I would be a father some months after my wedding. When he saw the look of confusion on my face, he opened up and told me that Juliet was pregnant and wondered why she did not tell me.

I could not utter a word as I thanked him, collected the result and went home, still feeling very worried. I was lucky that Juliet was at home when I got in. I called her to the bedroom and showed her the result of the test and asked her to tell me who got her pregnant.

She broke down and confessed that she ran into her ex-boyfriend some months ago and one thing led to another and they ended up having sex which culminated in the pregnancy.

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She begged me to forgive her and not to expose her to shame and ridicule but now, my problem is that with the wedding around the corner, should I call it off or still go ahead with it?

I have not told anyone just yet and I keep pretending that everything is okay but deep down, I am very confused. How would I tell my family and friends that I would not go ahead with the wedding?

How would I look Juliet in the face when we get married knowing that she is carrying a baby that does not belong to me?


Dear readers, Idy is really in a confused state and needs your advice. On True Confession today, what do you think he should do?

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