Try these weekend workouts for great results

Try these weekend workouts for great results


Well, it’s the weekend and everybody knows it’s time to refuel just before you get back to it. If total health also matters to you beyond just lounging throughout Friday night, then you want to do a Saturday workout.

The question is what should you work? There is a whole list of options for a rigorous and yet, fulfilling weekend routine.

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I always advise a total approach to fitness both with nutrition and at the gym. Right now though, we will focus on what you can do at the gym for a workout that counts.

Try these following advice:

Core workouts: The core is a large muscle group spanning round your lower back and all of your abdominal area. It is also the seat of your energy as it drives balance and fitness for other routines. After stretching, target this part. It’s not a bad idea to begin with stimulating your core, using some HIIT routines. (see below)


HIIT circuits: this is the fastest way to get a full body workout and make the rest of the week seem like it never happened. HIIT (High Intensive Interval Training) ensure you do a series of different exercises that push your endurance and get you revving. Try some options as shown below. Feel free to mix things up but keep things at your fitness level.

Burpees, quick runs, kick outs, punching, sidestepping etc are just a few outdoor exercises you could try in your circuit.

Lift weights: Bench press, deadlifts, use the dumbbells for shoulder presses etc. A fairly intense weight lifting routine is s a fine way to wake up your muscles. If weight lifting is your cup of tea, then you should add this to your weekend routine.



Make no excuses, do a weekend workout



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