Twitter labels President Trump’s tweet declaring Joe Biden as the election winner

Twitter labels President Trump’s tweet declaring Joe Biden as the election winner

Twitter is now labeling Joe Biden as the winner of the US election, even on President Donald Trump’s tweets. “Election officials have certified Joe Biden as the winner of the U.S. Presidential election,” the label reads.


Twitter says the new label is simply an update to its existing label. The microblogging site says the label is designed to “reflect the latest information”.

The previous label simply said, “Multiple sources called this election differently”. However, as the electoral college has concluded voting, the result became official.

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Twitter has now accepted the result and is using it to visibly challenge the president’s claim of he being the winner of the election. The label link also contains links highlighting news from multiple organizations affirming Joe Biden’s victory.


Twitter’s approach is quite different from Facebook’s. For example, while Twitter outs the President’s Tweet as an outright lie with the label, Facebook simply says that “Election officials follow strict rules and have found no evidence of widespread fraud”. The latter also directs them to a page where they view the authentic results.


This follows YouTube’s announcement that it would remove new videos disputing the election results. Now that Biden’s win is official, the social media companies are directly challenging misinformation suggesting anything else.


Ordinarily, Twitter would have banned Trump’s account as it does to accounts spreading debunked claims. However, he has the protection of the office he currently occupies and will lose these protections once he leaves the office on 20th January 2021.


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