Twitter begins U.S. voter registration campaign

Twitter begins U.S. voter registration campaign

Twitter has announced that it has formed a partnership with National Voter Registration Day; to likewise encourage more Americans to register for the upcoming presidential election. Users will be encouraged by various means on Twitter to register to vote or confirm their registration.

Users that are located in the United States will see a new prompt on their home timeline; encouraging them to register to vote or confirm their registration; using a service called TurboVote run by Democracy Works, a non-partisan as well as non-profit organization. This will help to ensure nobody who wants to vote gets turned away at the polling station.

Other measures being taken to encourage voting include:

  • A push alert being displayed that also directs users to a page full of voter registration information. It will be available in more than 40 languages depending on each person’s app settings.
  • A promoted campaign run by @TwitterGov will take over today’s U.S. Promoted Trend Spotlight with registration resources from TurboVote.
  • A new Twitter hashtag emoji is being introduced with #NationalVoterRegistrationDay as well as #VoteReady is being introduced to “empower civic conversation” across the country.

Going forward, Twitter says it will publish additional voting-related notices as the election gets closer. By ensuring people are registered to vote; the firm is helping to make sure that everyone in the country entitled to a vote gets their say.

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