Twitter tests new feature to let you watch YouTube videos directly on your home timeline

Twitter tests new feature to let you watch YouTube videos directly on your home timeline


Twitter will soon allow users to play YouTube videos directly on their timeline instead of redirecting them to the YouTube app.


The feature is currently being tested with select users for iOS in markets like the US, Japan, Canada; and Saudi Arabia.


The company did not disclose when the feature will be rolled out to all users; including those on the Android platform.


“Starting today on iOS, we’re testing a way to watch YouTube videos directly in your Home timeline; without leaving the conversation on Twitter,” said Twitter Support.


The company is reportedly using YouTube’s iframe player API for the new feature.


The new feature follows Twitter’s recent announcement to bring higher resolution images; and a full preview of an image on the timelines.


At present, you need to tap on the tweet to check the full image, as it features only a partial view.


The feature is being tested on Twitter’s iOS and Android applications.


As far as the higher resolution image support goes, Twitter said it would allow users to upload; and view 4K images on its mobile apps.



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The feature will be available through in-app settings under “Data usage.”


Here, users can select “high-quality image uploads”; and then select mobile data & Wi-Fi or just only Wi-Fi. By default, this is set to “never.”


There is no word on when the functionality will be available for all users.


Separately, Twitter is also working to push its Spaces feature on its platform.


According to reports, Twitter will soon show a dedicated tab for its Clubhouse-rival.


Currently, Spaces appear as part of the circular icons on the top with the self-destructing Fleets.


Twitter Spaces is available for all users on Android and iOS but only as listeners.


Select people on iOS can start a Space.



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