Two important skills you need to have when living in Lagos – Ella Temisan

Two important skills you need to have when living in Lagos – Ella Temisan



Let’s talk about two critical skills you need to survive in Lagos.


But first of all, happy new year once again! I hope your celebration was swell. And you didn’t waste your time lying to yourself about some resolutions? We both know that anything more than “make more money this year” is just a song for the birds.


So, again I wish you a very happy new year.


Last year December, I found myself exercising my skills, doing a lot of DIY projects. It kept my mind off troubling issues and helped me save money. These skills also saved me the stress of having to ask other people for help. If there’s one thing I don’t enjoy, it is having to be at the mercy of other people.


I carry my flag of independence like an oxygen tank. It is so dear to me.


Among these skills, I would mend my clothes by hand; fix a tidy hairstyle for myself and even do my nails. But I’ll admit that it was a bit strange to be doing all that because I was never the type to act domestically.


Yet, there I was. Doing these little things by myself and finding joy in them. The best part? I was saving money by putting these skills to use.


On average, it costs about N7,000 to get my hair done at a decent salon. Not one of those boutique beauty parlours o. I’m talking about those normal hair salons with a rack of towels standing by the entrance. I was just playing around with my hair one day and ended up fixing a nice crotchet extension.



Two important skills you need to have when living in Lagos - Ella Temisan


Imagine my pride! I got my hair done for less than N4,000 and I did it at my own pace; in the comfort of my home.


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What about the clothes I started mending by hand? Those ones were a complete revelation. I am transforming my clothes piece by piece with only some scissors, a needle and some thread. I am refitting, re-attaching, redesigning and basically making my clothes wearable again.


What do I owe my skill to? I owe it to Musa! He was the tailor that gave me sewing lessons during my service year. Who would have thought that those skills would come in handy now?


I might not be a professional tailor or hairdresser. But I know that if I like I can take care of what needs to be done in that area. Let’s say I were to japa today. I can confidently say that with extra lessons; I would be able to create a side hustle that will keep me afloat.


Should I say more, or have you caught my drift?

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