Two preachers fight over ‘juicy’ preaching spot in Lagos (Video)

Two preachers fight over ‘juicy’ preaching spot in Lagos (Video)

Two preachers were recently caught on camera fighting over a particular preaching spot in Lagos State.


Both preachers, a male and female had appeared on the coveted scene to share the gospel at the Ikeja bus stop in Lagos state. However, they threw caution to the wind as they fought for the preaching spot in the area.


Specifically, Open-air preaching, street preaching, or public preaching is the act of evangelizing a religious faith in public places.


Public preachers are popular figures in Lagos State.


As seen in the video, the female preacher could be seen charging at the male preacher and hurling abuses at him while the man was firing hot ”prayers” against her.


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Watch the trending video below.



In other news, a 10-year-old girl, Suliya Abubakar; says she threw her 20-months old stepbrother inside the well to avenge years of cruel treatment.


The other suspects were paraded for offences ranging from armed robbery, arson, fraud, killing; as well as theft and unlawful possession of firearms among others.


Suliya said that she did not know that Usman will die. Further, she stated that she carried out the action out of frustration and because she was being maltreated by her stepmother.


My mother separated from my father and she born nine children for my father and two died.


”So Usman’s mother is living with us now and she cooks for us.


“They love Usman more than me; whenever he passes faeces or urinate on my food; his mother will say I should eat it like that, that nothing will happen to me.


“Usman’s mother will only remove where the faeces is and instruct me to eat it; and any day I did not eat the food she will beat me.


“So, on the day the incident happened, it was night and Usman has faeces on his body and I was told to fetch water from the well to wash his body.


“As I was going to fetch water, Usman followed me and I throw him inside well and informed my father that someone with ‘Hijab’ came to kidnap Usman.


“My father said if we get to police station I should say it is my mother and her friend that kidnapped Usman. I now said I cannot lie against my mother, but my father said I should say it that nothing will happen to me.


“I am the one that threw Usman inside well and I don’t know that he will die,” she said.





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