Tyson Fury knocks out Dillian Whyte with amazing uppercut

Tyson Fury knocks out Dillian Whyte with amazing uppercut

Tyson Fury is still the unbeaten heavyweight king after knocking Dillian Whyte out cold in their boxing blockbuster on Sunday. The Gypsy King floored Whyte with a brutal uppercut in the sixth round that left his former sparring partner seeing stars.

Commentators said Fury’s uppercut “came from nowhere” and called it “the punch of his life”.

The punch sent more than 94,000 fans at Wembley Stadium in London into a frenzy. Whyte tried to get back up but he was clearly unsteady on his feet and the referee had no option but to call the fight off.

“Lennox Lewis could even be proud of that right uppercut tonight,” Fury said.

Wembley looked incredible as the fighters made their way to the ring in front of boxing lovers baying for blood. Fans went wild as lights and music lit up the stadium.

Fury walked out to Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon and made the final part of his journey on a throne.

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Round-by-round updates

Round 1: Both fighters felt each other out and eased into the contest. Fury was slightly more active and landed a nice right hook on Whyte’s jaw. Whyte shocked everyone by coming out as a southpaw to start the bout, changing things up to try and unsettle Fury from the opening bell.

Round 2: Whyte looked sluggish but started to find his range late in the round, pushing Fury against the ropes. Fury was still controlling the pace and distance though, using his long levers to his advantage. Whyte threw a coule of nice punches but was too slow to follow-up with more meaningful blows.

Round 3: Fury was fighting on his terms, looking the more comfortable of the pair. He even managed a slight smile during the round.

Round 4: Fury blew up at Whyte and the referee had a stern word to both fighters as they both threw punches after being told to break. Fury appeared displeased with his rival’s tactics throughout the round as a cut opened up above Whyte’s right eye. Blows to the back of the head in the clinch led commentators to describe the action as “very naughty” and “messy”. Elbows and head clashes were part of the round too as things took a dirty turn.

Round 5: Fury put his foot down and continued to control the fight. Whyte still hasn’t offered much.

Round 6: Fury floored Whyte with a monstrous uppercut and the fight was all over.

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