Uchenna Nnanna explains why Nigerians should never berate their nation

Uchenna Nnanna explains why Nigerians should never berate their nation

Nollywood actress, Uchenna Nnanna has disclosed why it is essential for Nigerians to never curse or make negative comments about their country.


According to the actress, there are ripple effects for every negative statement made.


She made this known during an Instagram session.


She pleaded with Nigerians to stop saying negative things about the country because there is power in the tongue.


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Here is what Uchenna Nnanna stated:

When I people say or use such words like ‘Nigeria will never be well again, it is not good.

There is power in the tongue.

So, let’s stop using the words ‘Nigeria will not be well again’ or ‘nothing will ever work in Nigeria’.

Please, if you are one of the people that use such words, stop it.”


Meanwhile, renowned social media content creator and comedian, Mr. Macaroni who has become famous for tackling the government, accused the current administration of trying to silence Nigerians from calling them out.

“I always say this country has what it needs at its disposal to be one of the top countries in the world.

But we are here today because of corruption, we are here today because of nepotism,” he said.

“Look at the level of insecurity we have been dealing with since this administration came in till now.

When Nigerians speak, the government is always quick to say we are fighting them.

We don’t have their guns, we have our voice but they want to take that away from us.”

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