Ugonma Kalu, Nollywood actress explains why she makes love 5 times a day

Ugonma Kalu, Nollywood actress explains why she makes love 5 times a day

Budding Nollywood actress, Ugonma Kalu has explained in a new interview that she enjoys making love at least five times a day.


The actress who spoke in an interview said that she doesn’t mind as long as the man can satisfy her.


She also took the time to speak on how life was for her when she was growing up.


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She said;

“Growing up was never easy.

There is always high tide and low tide. I am the last Child of my mum and as of then the last child in the family.

My parents were, at times, a bit more strict and my elderly ones too.

We are Catholics so I grew up in a religious Christian background where they often tell me don’t do this or that!”


Speaking further on why she chose acting, she said she has always loved creativity and entertainment.


“I will say it is a passion; I started with primary school drama.

The passion kept pushing me that while seeking University admission, I wanted to study Theater Art.

I have always loved creativity and entertainment.”


Speaking on sex for role in Nollywood, she said;

“I hear people talk about these matters, funny enough I have never been approached on that.

Most directors I know and have worked with are just responsible and strict.

Maybe it happened before, here, most directors are professionals besides why on earth will you subject yourself to that point. I can’t give you sex for a role, knowing I am good in my job. Sex should be a two-way thing. Something must make us do it.”


On how often she has sex, she replied;

“Honestly, I love sex.

As long as you can satisfy me very well, we can have it as much as we want, even 5 times daily.”


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