UNFINISHED BUSINESS (2) by Oshoko Bushushu

UNFINISHED BUSINESS (2) by Oshoko Bushushu

Yes,where did we stop last week? Yes, at the point of denied entry – just as she took off her panties and opened her Kintus wide, we heard her father’s car horning at the gate.

Oh, boy the blue balls I had that day have never been equalled.

kissing couple

Celine went back to school six days after that sad encounter then a month later she completed her transfer to the University of Sussex.

We kept our love warm through letters but you know how these things are and how distance can be a bitch. The fire dimmed into a flicker and then it became cold ash.

I graduated. She graduated but she didn’t come back for NYSC or anything and then as these things happen, one day I was at the filling station and waiting for my tank to fill up when I heard a tap on the window.

“Mr. Oshoko, right?” The handsome young man asked.

“Yes,” I answered trying to remember.

“Stefan. Celine’s brother.”

He was the one who told me Celine was married and had just had a baby.

I told him to give her my love then went home and shagged a new catch so hard my balls almost burst. Celine was gone.

Well, until last week when I went to visit a gentleman my brother had referred me to for some PP gig. A multi-level marketing guru, the man wanted me to come up with a strategy to make his new product get to other people selling mostly Aloe Vera products.

I was sitting opposite him in his first floor office and could see into the road behind as he spoke. He was impressive; soft spoken and engaging and by the time he had broken down how his ParagomMLM promarketing system worked I was ready to leave my PR job and start selling aloe vewra.

“Our ParagonMLM system will help you Sell More Products, Grow Your Downline and Increase Your Monthly Income. All you need to do is visit our website http://www.promarketingsystem.net/ParagonMLM and sign on.”

That was the moment I looked up from my note pad and out the window.

I saw a lady get out of a Prado jeep and I knew immediately that she was the one: Celine Omoregbe.

I am ashamed to say it now but the way I jumped up and told the man to excuse me was very unprofessional.

I was out the door before he could say What’s up and bounding downstairs, three steps at a time.

“Where is the woman who parked this jeep?” I asked down stairs and the guard pointed to a door marked Travel Agency.

I pulled open the door and as I stepped in, our eyes met and held.



Our embrace felt like home.

I am not sure how much time we spent in that travel agency neither do i remember how i got back to that office to get my stuff but the moment Celine said “My marriage packed up so I am moving back home,” I knew it was time to sort out our unfinished business.

Celine and I had driven straight to her hotel and were kissing before we stepped out of the lift that led to her room…

Concludes next week

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