University education is the koko.

It is the key to everything. With a university degree, you can move mountains. You won’t be riding any okada. You will never think of becoming a taxi driver. Your eyes will be set on huge conquests. You might just fly from Lagos to Geneva to take over the United Nations. Or just fly to New York to meet great men in a conference, because you have a degree. Haven’t you seen that people like 2Face who don’t have degrees can’t make proper sentences in English. They are always stuttering and saying things like ‘Nothing dey happen?’certificate2

In 2007, when I first went to the university, I was told that with the course I was studying, I could become anything I wanted to be. Fast forward to 2014 from 2007, I did not become anything with the degree I went to get. Anyway, I did not graduate, therefore, I did not bag the degree.

But most of my friends who stayed on, hoping to use their certificates to become what they wanted to become, are yet to become what they wanted to become. In between strikes, they spent more years than they envisioned and then, had to wait at home, before they could be cleared by their lecturers and this took time.

Now, when graduates like my friends get cleared, they wait for National Service and then they will spend one year, teaching and wearing khaki. Some of them serve the nation by trekking from one part of Nigeria to another, because they don’t have money to spend on transport. Their service to the nation matters a lot. After that one busy year, they are told they are going into the world, into the Labour Market to hustle. So, they move with their hearts in their mouths.

Let me tell you the truth; that certificate you received is something amazing. Even if you don’t have food on your table, make sure you stare at your degree certificate all the time. It will keep you happy.

Infact, enlarge it, frame it and put it on the wall of your living room. When you are broke, look at it, it will give you hope. When you have to brag about your achievements make sure its one of the things you have to brag with.

Why brag? Simple; sometimes, people don’t understand that a man who has no university education is a nobody in the society. That is why your education is very important. Education is the key. What kind of key it is? I am not sure I know, but we have been told that education is the key, just as prayer is the key too.

Once you are educated, you can correct celebrities like Mercy Johnson when they Tweet.  You can correct them, because you are educated even though she might be way richer than you. Just keep faith that some day, your degree certificate will automatically turn into money and you will become rich. Once you have a degree, you don’t need to hustle or go out and look for job. Never! Don’t ever do it! The manna will fall on your lap, because you have a degree.

D’Banj spoke at the World Economic Forum in Abuja months ago and university graduates on Twitter were enraged that they had spent years, bagging certificates, to come and listen to one who never went to university. I am not sure I understood their frustration. Infact, I was told that graduates are the ones who end up working for the drop-outs and hustlers, those who could put in energy into making money and not those who want to be paid and enslaved. If DBanj wasn’t articulate enough, at least, he was able to sit there and not allow you, with your degree certificate come close. You sat and listened to him.

But I must tell you, education is the key that will open the vault of any bank for you, if you have faith! Say AMEN!


About The Author

Osigweh Lilian Oluchi is a graduate of the University of Lagos where she obtained a B.A (Hons) in English, Masters in Public and International affairs (MPIA). Currently works with 1stnews as a Database Manager / Writer. [email protected]

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  1. Anthony Onwuegbuchu

    That’s the irony of life. Though, it is what we make out of ourselves and our environment that makes life interesting. I remember sometime ago in UNEC, Onyeka advice me to drop out of school and start working on my dreams/potentials. I laughed because I was then a fourth year student of nursing. I understood his candid advice which is still what I advice young people who want to go to higher institutions just because societal influence. Though, I smile while Onyi was discussing with me that day in front of AfriHub because I was already a ‘drop out’ before Onyi’s brotherly advice. Yes, I drop out from Agriculture and Bioresource Engineering Department University of Nigeria, Nsukka. That was a course I undertook by error, I payed the price for two years but I discovered myself, I realize what I wanted in life and what I can do passionately. Today, I am a nurse, a midwife, I’m working on my second degree. I’m sure that psychologically, I would have been miserable if I had continued with engineering. I’m happy that I droped out, but I’m still a graduate.


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