Unromantic signs that mean you’ve found your soulmate

Unromantic signs that mean you’ve found your soulmate



In order to find a soulmate, you need to start with yourself. You need to understand who you are, what you want to be and where you are headed.

Once you have definite answers to these questions, then is the ideal time for you to be seeking a soulmate relationship.


If you are here, it’s fair to assume that you are in love with yourself and, at the same time, you are in love with another being. But no matter how strong the relationship, its important to know whether the person you committed to, is or has the potential to be your soulmate.


In order to remove that doubt, here is a list of unromantic signs that beautifully prove that the person you are with is your soulmate. Take notice: these are unromantic signs, considering romance and extravagance is so easy to master, it’s the little small gestures that matter. So take out your pen and start with this checklist now!



You both can sit in silence without feeling weird about it

You have REALLY found a soulmate if both of you don’t feel the constant urge to make small talk. Silence can only be shared when there is sincere love and insane level of comfort!

You both can have an insane time anywhere

Whether it’s getting drunk and going crazy at weddings or being goofy in serious situations, you both have a really good time with each other everywhere and anywhere.

You have developed your own language

You both have developed your own language comprising of signs, signals, eye rolls, quotes, inside jokes and sentences that could mean something totally different to a third person but this secret code works for both you. And this how it should be!



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You both can openly talk about bodily functions

Whether its a burp or a fart, both of you aren’t running to the other rooms, when any of these happen. These are normal bodily functions that can now shamelessly take place in front of your partner, because why not.

You both love dressing up for each other but your favourite outfits for each other are tracks, shorts and old t-shirts

It’s always fun to dress up and ignite the romance with your partner. But you both are so comfortable with each other now that there is no need to dress up or put an effort. He doesn’t have to shave or she doesn’t have to put make-up every time you see each other.

He could be in boxers and a t-shirt. She could be in an old t-shirt and in shorts and you guys would still get it on for and with each other.


You both can openly state how both of you are annoying the hell out of each other

And none of you ever get upset. Because annoying or irritating your partner is adorable. But don’t over do it so they go away.


You would rather spend an entire lame day with them than go crazy with someone else

You would pick spending a day with them doing absolutely nothing than going over the top with any body else.

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