US still in ‘pandemic mode’: Fauci tells what Covid-19 ‘endgame’ would look like

US still in ‘pandemic mode’: Fauci tells what Covid-19 ‘endgame’ would look like



Top US infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci said that the United States is still in the “pandemic mode”; since the country is witnessing about 160,000 new coronavirus disease (Covid-19) cases every day.


The US was reporting less than 16,000 daily new infections around mid-June; before the highly contagious Delta variant drove the surge in Covid-19 cases.


“The endgame is to suppress the virus,” Fauci said in an interview published by Axios. “Right now, we’re still in pandemic mode, because we have 160,000 new infections a day.”


The latest epidemiological data by the World Health Organization (WHO) shows that; the US continues to report the highest number of fresh infections every day, followed by India, the UK, Iran, and Brazil.


Last week, America reported nearly 1.3 million new cases, a 38% increase from the previous week.


“That’s not even modestly good control … which means it’s a public health threat,” the 81-year-old immunologist said.

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The rolling seven-day average of daily new confirmed Covid-19 cases per capita for the US remains one of the worst in the world and almost 20 times that of India’s.


Fauci had repeatedly warned against removing restrictions before daily new cases fell below 10,000.


“In a country of our size; you can’t be hanging around and having 100,000 infections a day. You’ve got to get well below 10,000 before you start feeling comfortable,” Axios quoted Fauci as saying.


The country’s vaccination drive has hit a wall after an impressive initial rate.


About 52% of the eligible population has been fully inoculated against Covid-19; but high vaccine hesitancy in some parts of the country has come up as a major challenge for authorities to contain the virus.

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