US Vice President Kamala Harris NASA video with child actors gets mocked, goes viral (Video)

US Vice President Kamala Harris NASA video with child actors gets mocked, goes viral (Video)

The first installment of US Vice President Kamala Harris’ YouTube Originals space series has gone viral.


It has been widely mocked on several platforms by many netizens too.


Five child actors have been featured in the video.


These teenagers had also given audition for their roles in the project.


These include Trevor Bernardino; Derrick Brooks II; Emily Kim; and also Zhoriel Tapo; as well as Sydney Schmooke.





Last week, YouTube Originals had announced ‘Get Curious with Vice President Harris’ series.


The project, which was produced by Sinking Ship Entertainment; aims to get more children interested in space.


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Sinking Ship Entertainment is an Emmy award-winning media company based in Toronto.


The series was filmed in August; and released during World Space Week.


In the video, a group of children meet Kamala Harris at her residence, the Naval Observatory.


The leader introduces herself as the chairwoman of the National Space Council.


Before meeting the vice president, children are greeted by NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough from the International Space Station through virtual link.


Kimbrough leads kids on a scavenger hunt to find the tools to build a telescope.

By Monday, the video had garnered some 114,000 views on YouTube; and 1,900 likes; as well as 2,800 dislikes, as shared online by the vice president’s supporters.


A trailer for the show also drew 48 likes and 136 dislikes. On both the videos, comments have been disabled.


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