Uzee Usman: Never share your pain with anyone

Uzee Usman: Never share your pain with anyone

Nollywood actor, Uzee Usman has taken to social media to explain to his followers why they should desist from sharing their pain with their friends and those close to them.


According to Uzee Usman, some people are glad to see the victim in pain, hence, the victim should endeavour to take his pain to God and receive his healing that way.


He made this statement in a Twitter post during the early hours of Wednesday, May 5.


He wrote;


Stop sharing your pain with everyone & never on social media.

There are many who would be happy to see you in pain.

Be mindful who you allow into your circle.

Not everyone is there for your healing. Some will even pray against you. Take your pain to the Almighty, your Healer!”


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In other news, Temmie Ovwasa, former YBNL signee has stated that most people in heterosexual relationships are not mentally balanced.


She made this known in a Twitter post.


She likewise went on to state that most people who are dating the opposite sex are broken; and are also pretenders.


Here is what Temmie Ovwasa mentioned on social media;

Is there a blueprint for a mentally healthy/stable Nigerian/Nigerian relationship?

I’d like to meet Nigerians that are aware of their trauma; the root cause; aware enough to admit that we’re mad…

Lmao, Y’all are such pretenders and it’s not cute; Something is broken inside Us!”


Equally important, Temmie Ovwasa is one of the first Nigerian celebrity to come out as gay.

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