Valentine is over… Where was your boyfriend? – Ella Temisan

Valentine is over… Where was your boyfriend? – Ella Temisan



“Valentine is coming. Where is your boyfriend? You are sitting at home. Lonely!”


That is the song that was on everybody’s lips and social media posts this season. The way the song kept going around ehn; you’d think we are all single folks looking for some good loving.


Well, we might all be single but thank God for His love. It is all the love we need if we are being honest.


Thank God also for the Valentine Season. Lagosians seemed so focused on matters of the heart and its lack thereof; that we gave ranting about the Okada ban some rest. Was it luck or good timing, I can’t say. All I know is that an issue that is a source of pain and irritation; turned around to become a blessing. It became an excuse to avoid performing certain duties in the romance department.



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In fact, if you care to know; the Okada ban is why we didn’t celebrate Valentine that much in Lagos this year. Simple.



Valentine is over… Where was your boyfriend? - Ella Temisan



My colleague mentioned that Valentine in Lagos this year is for the rich and comfortable. And we had a good laugh at his conclusion. But when I gave what he said more thought, I started to see sense in it.



All that usual waka-about-town has reduced seriously. People now measure their movement through ease and necessity. I mean, if your route has long-distance Okada rides and or Keke rides; we would have to reconsider our relationship. Because conditions are no longer the same.



That strenuous show of love is not what I signed up for. There are cab-hailing services, yes. But how many people can afford to pay about 8k to travel from Lekki to Iyana-Ipaja to see bae?



Another angle was how the ban was used as an excuse to avoid seeing Main Bae; because you wanted to catch some quality time with Side Bae. Thankfully, there were no viral videos of somebody’s Assistant Madam getting a beat down. Technology had a lot of work to do this season and we remain thankful for it. Shame unto the person that said this Valentine was for Side Baes; not the Wives and Girlfriends, right?



Valentine is over… Where was your boyfriend? - Ella Temisan



As if it was not bad enough that lovers couldn’t run around Lagos with that former ease; delivery people also joined bad gang. The excuses they gave for not picking up or dropping off items on time that day were just hilarious. But could you complain? No! You just grinned and swallowed while hoping that Bae did not think you were making the lovely gift set up.



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Forget Valentine. I know we are all loving people in this state. We might love ourselves more than we love each other but there is still love there. Let the hardships of the year not stop us from spreading that love to one another and the environment.


Happy Valentine Season!

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