Vector, M.I Abaga planning world tour

Vector, M.I Abaga planning world tour

Nigerian rapper, Vector recently revealed that he is planning a world tour with former archrival, M.I Abaga.


Speaking at a news conference, the Nigerian rapper, Vector confessed that his long-drawn beef with rapper, MI, sold them records as he revealed he and the rapper have settled their differences.


In 2020, Vector and MI’s beef reached a climax in which both rappers released a slew of diss tracks at each other.


Speaking at a news conference to promote his new album, Vector revealed how an alcoholic brand stepped into their beef, and they made money out of it.


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“Did we make money with the beef tracks?

Yes, the records sold.

Yes, there comes a special demand for beef tracks by the fans.

Our songs were streamed a lot; I mean, we trended at number one in the US.

Both beef tracks trended at the number on the” Vector started.

Vector also revealed that he and MI were going to go on a world tour around the world to also pass a message across to other artistes that feuds don’t have to go beyond music.

Vector also revealed that the yet-to-be-released album, T.E.S.L.I.M, meaning The Energy Still Lives In Me, features MI, of which the track will drop on February 26, 2021.


The Nigerian rapper has previously explained how he benefitted from the feud against his colleague.


Yes, I made money from the beef tracks I did for MI.

The records sold.

There seems to be a ‘sweetness’ that comes with beef records.

So they were streamed a lot.

We trended at number 2 in the US, both verses trended at number one on, Genius, the lyrics website.

Which means that Nigerians can write what the whole world can read and understand and we will trend.

So yes, there was that,” he said.


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