Venezuela exhumes remains of doctor beatified by Vatican

Venezuela exhumes remains of doctor beatified by Vatican


Venezuelan forensic experts on Monday unearthed the remaining parts of Jose Gregorio Hernandez; whose beatification order was marked in June by Pope Francis, as a feature of Roman Catholic conventions to confirm the state of the body and assurance its protection.


The Vatican in June declared the beatification of Hernandez; a specialist known for treating the poor during the Spanish influenza pandemic a century prior.


The declaration draws him a stage nearer to sainthood.


His remaining parts were unearthed in a service at a congregation in Caracas, to “ensure the drawn out conservation of his body;” the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference said in an announcement.


The exhumation will collect relics including skeletal remains as well as clothing, which will be distributed to dioceses in Venezuela; the Holy See and also to sanctuaries created in other countries in honor of Hernandez.


Venezuelan Cardinal Baltazar Porras asked that the beatification “be for us the path of reconciliation;” in a ceremony before a small group of parishioners that was broadcast on state television.


Hernandez was born in the Andean state of Trujillo in 1864 and was known as the; ‘doctor of the poor’ for visiting the sick in Caracas during the Spanish flu pandemic.


He died in 1919 after being hit by a car.


Beatification by the Roman Catholic Church requires linking the prospective saint to a miracle; which usually takes the form of a healing it deems medically inexplicable.


The congregation refered to Yaxury Solorzano, a young lady who in 2017 resisted specialists’ expectations that she would either pass on; or be not able to walk and talk subsequent to being shot in the head following an endeavored theft.


She was 10 years of age at that point.


It said Solorzano’s mom had petitioned Hernandez to spare the life of her girl; who left the medical clinic half a month later after completely recouping from her wounds.



Source: Reuters

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