Victoria Inyama: ‘It’s hard to leave a toxic marriage’

Victoria Inyama: ‘It’s hard to leave a toxic marriage’

Veteran Nollywood actress, Victoria Inyama has spoken about how she found it tedious to leave her toxic marriage.


Victoria Inyama who has been sharing her personal marriage experience in the last couple of weeks revealed why she found it tedious to quit her own toxic affiliation with her ex-husband.


Using herself as an example, the mother of three stated that she could not leave her relationship despite all she was experiencing.

She added that this is so because she has lost herself in the marriage beguiled by religion and culture.


She made this known via a post on her official social media page on Thursday, 28th May.

The Nollywood actress wrote:


Leaving a Toxic marriage/ relationship is Hard; I personally couldn’t leave cause I had lost myself in the marriage beguiled by religion & culture Leaving is not automatic.”



Victoria Inyama did not stop there, she went on to proffer a solution in her lengthy post. Continue reading what she wrote;


Find a reliable friend to confide in ( don’t be like me, l was confiding in one of his sides?

Get specialist support, you can pop into a local charity ‘drop-in’ centre.

Searching online can be risky cause your partner can track your online searches…

Keep a record of events, abusive incidents, evidence of your Partner’s behaviour safely, Time, dates, names & how you felt, record then transfer to a USB stick & keep safe. ?..

Know your civil & legal rights!!

Financial Independence…. save, put money away if possible.

It’s hard cause l know that well. ?……

Make/ have copies of passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, You can keep these outside the house, maybe a neighbour or trusted friend”


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We are celebrating a great daughter of Aro Okeigbo AdaMazi Victoria Inyama, she is the Public Relations Officer of Inyom Aro, UK Branch. A true daughter of Ibom Oburutu; a lover of her origins who stands tall to share her Arochukwu identity at any opportunity that presents itself. Victoria is a strong woman who looks at challenge in the eye and gives it a wink. She has experienced the wonders and catch of womanhood and that earned her much respect. Her life’s experiences which she is passionate about have encouraged and strengthened many women. Getting close, her emotions are not easily hidden on her pretty face; she is a lady that is beautiful within, from the love she gives to her ideas and the creative ways she expresses her soul, you will be left with nothing than admire and appreciate her strength. Nwanyi oma, Ada Aro ji akpa nganga, jisieike nnenne. Thank you so much @InyomAroUK for this piece. Thank you to our ever sweet President @afroplum. ?❤???

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