Visa restrictions for electoral interference: Who will ban US officials if they rig 2020 election? – Seye Olaniyonu

Visa restrictions for electoral interference: Who will ban US officials if they rig 2020 election? – Seye Olaniyonu

The announced imposition of visa restrictions on some Nigerians allegedly involved in the manipulation of elections by the United States government is a welcome development. Since Nigeria has abdicated its responsibility of maintaining law and order, someone has to step in.


Well, Uncle Sam is always available to police the world.


As a matter of fact, the United States needs to ban or slam visa restrictions on all politicians in Nigeria. The reasons are not far-fetched. Virtually every politician in Nigeria are involved in election rigging. The best ‘rigger’ wins. And for the right amount, the Supreme Court could deliver a ‘proper’ verdict, often called ‘judgment based on technicalities.’


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Stella Dimoko United States Imposes Visa Ban On Nigerians Who  Undermine The Democratic Process


Another reason for a blanket ban of our politicians is that it will help improve our healthcare sector; tourism, end capital flight, and other benefits too numerous to mention.


However, who is watching the watcher?


United States President, Donald J. Trump has raised the alarm on several occasions that there is a plot to rig the 2020 US election. We know that Trump is in a battle with the truth. But we still have to keep a close eye on democracy in America.


visa restrictions
US President, Donald Trump


It’s not only the US that has the birth right to ensure that democracy is not rolled back. It is a collective responsibility that Africa and the entire world need to rise up to. In fact, it is high time that the African Union (AU) set up an election monitoring team to monitor the upcoming US election. Also, a stern warning should be issued to both the government and the opposition to respect the rule of law; as well as the doctrine of one man one vote.


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Billions of dollars of African investments are ensconced in Wall Street and other financial institutions in the US. Therefore, an electoral crisis or flawed elections could jeopardize the safety of these investments. Also, the AU and other regional bodies need to send a clear message to Trump that the ‘sit-tight syndrome’ would not be accepted. Further, he should be willing to concede defeat in the event that his party loses the election.


About the African Union | African Union


Equally important, human rights abuse and racism are against the ethnos of democratic society. Therefore, policy brutality, militancy, and other acts of rascality should be keenly monitored by the AU.


America is not the founder of democracy. Therefore, the protection of democracy is a collective responsibility that must be seen to by all.


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The Trump era has finally destroyed the “sane clime” tag. Indeed, it is hard to see any difference in the words and attitude of Trump and a Muammar Gadafi. Furthermore, the U.S. has one of the largest stockpiles of nuclear weapons. The possibility of such weapons in the hands of a rogue government or militia poses a significant threat to the peace and safety of the entire world.


visa restrictions
President Buhari


African leaders, Nigeria’s President, Muhammad Buhari inclusive, should note that there is no reason to be scared of implementing any of these recommendations. After all, China is the new sugar daddy in town. Leaders across Africa should stand up to the US and ensure that anyone who manipulates the election faces sanctions; among which are visa restrictions.


We, the citizens, are in full support….



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  1. Ola Taiwo

    What a serious question? If USA has stood up to challenge illegalities in the politics of Nigeria by issuing Visa Restrictions to some politicians in Nigeria, and peradventure the so called proud and sitting,politicians there(USA) repeat the same illegality hence there’s a powerful and divine KING in heaven that controls kingdoms and affairs of men on earth who will quickly give them eternal, deadly visa restrictions while here on earth and also after leaving this world.
    Go mark my word. The judgement will be quick and devastating. He will humble the proud, forget religion!!!!!!!
    He is KiNG of Kings, Jesus Christ.


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