Wait! So, Mr Governor is actually Superman? – Ella Temisan

Wait! So, Mr Governor is actually Superman? – Ella Temisan

Mr. Governor

Some ludicrous events would happen, and this happens very often, in Lagos that would force only so much as light laughter from me. After which I would move on to more important things. But this one ehn? This one simply weakened me.




How was it unknown to all of us that all you need to catch a Lagos traffic robber was the title of Mr Governor? We have been terrorised so much by these menaces. We have cried out because of the constant attacks, complained and eventually given up on them as help was not forthcoming. And all this while, we just needed the superpowers that come with being a Governor to catch and defeat them? Somebody needs to explain this life manual in detail. Because I don’t get it.


Wait! So, Mr Governor is actually Superman? - Ella Temisan



Are you still wondering about what I’m going on about? Let me fill you in a little bit. Earlier this week, some photos were circulating in the media. They showed Mr Governor and a few of his aides in action. According to accompanying headlines, Mr Governor had “caught” two traffic thieves in action. Thanks to his rolled-up sleeves and pressed slacks, he was able to apprehend them before they could cause even more mayhem. All hail, Mr Governor! And all hail his ever-present photography team. They never fail to deliver fine shots of our Head Commander in action. I just wish they held on to these photos this time though.


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With the way things are in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole, bad publicity is the only publicity. Nobody cares about image or records for posterity sake. Everybody will just say what they want to say, nothing will happen. They will do what they want to do, nobody can sanction them. That is why a story like this would ever make it past the editor’s desk. I scoff in the face of Public Relations Professionals. Governance in Lagos State has thrown its ethics in the mud.


Wait! So, Mr Governor is actually Superman? - Ella Temisan




On the bright side, however, if Mr Governor could pay routine visits to certain parts of Lagos, that would be great. There is a recurring need to purge our roads of these robbers, to make us feel safe again. Could he help us catch a few more of these people? Make an example of one or two of them as well? To discourage others from joining in. That would be very helpful since we all can’t be governors. And we all can’t wind up our windshields to stay safe from traffic robbers.




Mr Governor, what say you? Will you consider a tour of Lagos? For peacekeeping purposes?

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