Walking vs walking meditation: Are they the same?

Walking vs walking meditation: Are they the same?

Walking vs walking meditation

Know the difference

We all are well aware of the term mediation and its health benefits. It is not only about sitting in a quiet place for a while.


It is actually a method to train your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts.


All those who have tried meditation might know that it is not easy to control the wandering mind when trying to meditate.


For the same reasons, many people give up meditation within a week. But there are different forms of meditation you can do that will help you to focus in a better way.


What is walking meditation?


Walking mediation is linked with Buddhism that involves movement.


In this type of mediation, you have to be aware while you are walking and be mindful about each step you are taking.


You have to gather your thoughts and be more aware of your inner self and surrounding. This technique of walking help you feel more grounded, balanced and calm.


​Difference between walking and walking meditation

Walking can be strolling mindlessly, observing things taking place around you or listening to music. You can go on a walk alone or can take your friend for a little chit-chat.


But walking meditation is nothing like that.


You have to be more mindful and pay attention to your thoughts.


It is the act of letting negative thoughts pass through your body without much worrying about it.


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When you walk mindfully, every step and every breath of yours increases your sense of observation and appreciation.



Walking has always been considered good for health.


It has a positive impact on your mood, helps to burn calories, lower blood sugar level, keeps your heart healthy. Walking meditation also offers the same set of health benefits.


The difference is that it helps to increase your self-awareness, attention and relieve stress. It makes you calm, both mentally and emotionally.


Choose the right place

Well, you can walk anywhere- park or terrace.


The surrounding doesn’t matter much. But for walking meditation, you have to choose a quiet place. So, that can concentrate without any disturbance.

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