Warning! People who hook up at the office Christmas party likely to end up together (Metro)

Warning! People who hook up at the office Christmas party likely to end up together (Metro)

Getting with someone at the office Christmas party is a massive cliche. Sometimes it happens after a year-long campaign to get the bloke in the canteen to notice you. Sometimes, you’ve literally never seen them before until they whisper something drunkenly inappropriate in your ear while the CEO gives his annual speech. Either way, almost half of office workers end up getting entangled in some kind of romantic situation at their festive knees up. And incredibly, 53% of those who do get together end up being in long-term relationships. And according to a survey of 2,000 workers by instantprint a third of those are actually still together a year on. Now that might sound bonkers but think about it. You get together when you’re drunk, at the end of the year. Perhaps you’ve got a partner already, maybe you’re single. As you approach the new year, you start to wonder if that sloppy snog was a symptom of something larger. December may be a month of partying but January brings harsh realities and for many of us who do hook up at the Christmas party, it can mean re-evaluating relationships or current life situations. So it’s not too surprising really. After all, you’ve probably got more in common with the folk you meet at these shindigs than you do with some randomer on Tinder, amirite? Read more

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