Watch Together: Movies Anywhere is rolling out a new viewing party feature

Watch Together: Movies Anywhere is rolling out a new viewing party feature

Movies Anywhere is rolling out its new Watch Together feature with its latest update. Since the pandemic began, many companies launched their watch party option including Twitter and Hulu. Unlike other firms, Movies Anywhere is allowing users to sync up on both mobile and desktop app. Up to 9 viewers can join the party, with the profile rating set up to PG-13 or higher. There is no chat or video conferencing overlay feature available. Users can request the host to pause or rewind the movie and they can send simple emoji reactions while watching the movie.

Although Movies Anywhere is free, but some limitations need to be considered before starting an online viewing party. Anyone who wants to join the group viewing session must either purchase the movie or get a Screen Pass for it. The Screen Pass feature lets a user share their purchased movie with friends and family for limited time viewing.

To start a Watch Together view, the host needs to search for the title in Movies Anywhere. Then select the “I am to host” button from the details page. The host will get a six-digit invite code along with a URL that needs to be shared with guests.

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