Ways to deal with a possessive boyfriend

Ways to deal with a possessive boyfriend



Possessive boyfriend


An innocent relationship usually starts off with a sweet boyfriend who is endearingly protective, but soon enough, his texts seem to sound a bit threatening. And those will be followed by warnings that you shouldn’t wear certain types of clothes or shouldn’t meet a friend or go out with him all of a sudden.



Possessive boyfriends can be really tricky to handle! If you too have an overly possessive boyfriend and want to manage him well without hurting him, here are some useful tips.




Ways to deal with a possessive boyfriend


Introduce him to your friend:

If he seems insecure or jealous of your friends – even the girls! – chances are he is trying to cover up his feelings of being an outsider in a tightly knit group.

Make sure to introduce him to all your friends and make efforts to get them gel with each other. This way, he’ll feel more comfortable with them.



Let your male buddies know him:

It is extremely important that you introduce your guy to all your male buddies, even those who seemed to have a crush on you. Just to let them know you’re ‘taken‘. This will also make him feel special that you have let everybody know that he holds a more special place in your life.



Assure him that there is no need for jealousy:

If he is too sensitive to any male friend you hang out with, take him aside and explain to him how important he is to you and assure him that there is no reason why he should be jealous of them because they don’t hold the position in your heart and life that he does.

Make him feel special and that will in turn give him a reason to relax.

If you constantly try to reason with him or argue with him, it will only make him more insecure. Explain to him that talking to other guys doesn’t mean you’re interested in them.

It’s wrong if he wants to check your text messages, but do be honest with him and let him know that you know and respect your limits.



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Ways to deal with a possessive boyfriend




Set boundaries:

In any relationship, setting boundaries is of utmost importance. If you’ve tried everything else and he still continues to be the controlling type, then you must put your foot down.

He shouldn’t try to change who you are or what you wear and whom you hang out with. Your clothes and the company you keep should not be dictated by the presence or absence of a man in your life, so stand up for your right to make your own choices.

Tell him politely but firmly that he needs to stop being jealous and insecure, and be more respectful of your place in the relationship. He needs to trust you the way you trust him.

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