Ways To Determine Your Baby’s Gender, Before The Doctor Does

Ways To Determine Your Baby’s Gender, Before The Doctor Does

One of the first questions of well-meaning friends and family to a pregnant lady is: “Is it a boy or a girl?” The gender of a baby is an interesting topic for everyone, and some even make a betting game out of it. In truth, no one can never find out until the 20th week through an ultrasound scan (even then, it isn’t 100% guaranteed). Some parents choose to wait until the baby is born to find out.

Many mothers swear they already knew their baby’s gender before the baby came out, and even before their ultrasound scans. Mothers mostly swear by mother’s instinct and a lot of other non-scientific ways and old wives’ tales. If the suspense is killing you and you badly want to know your baby’s gender now, here are 15 fun ways for you to predict an unborn baby’s gender.


Most women experience cravings during pregnancy due to hormonal imbalance. The type of food you’re craving could determine your unborn baby’s gender.

If you’re craving for sweet and sugary foods, you’ll most likely have a girl. Craving for salty and savory foods mean you’re having a boy on the way.

Queasy Does it

Many women report they have little or no nausea and morning sickness when they were pregnant with their boys.

A baby girl on the way isn’t as pretty. It normally means a constant upset stomach and horrible morning sickness.

Bump Position

If you’re carrying your bump low, you’re having a baby boy. If you’re rocking a higher bump, expect to have a pretty pink baby coming soon.

Chinese Birth Calendar

The 700-year-old Chinese birth chart is still used in the east to successfully predict their bub’s gender without the help of a doctor.

Through the baby’s date and month of conception, the Chinese birth calendar can predict the unborn baby’s gender. It can be used as a pre-conception tool where parents try to conceive on a certain date if they are leaning on a preferred gender.. Read more

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