We are winning 2021 and this is how we will do it together – Ella Temisan

We are winning 2021 and this is how we will do it together – Ella Temisan


It is the 50th day in January, fellow Lagosians, how are you doing so far?
Are you doing okay?
Already, some of my friends are crying about being broke and we’ve only just begun the year. I know it’s an annual tradition: crying about how long January is and how very broke we all are.
But it makes me wonder if Detty December really held last year; and if I was the only one enjoying a quiet holiday indoors.
It also makes me wonder about my actual plans for the year. Yes, I don’t think it is beneficial for anybody to become too excited or hopeful that 2021 will be completely different from last year just like that.
If you’re not caught up yet, please update yourself. This year is probably going to be worse than last year, if all the drama is anything to go by.
What we can do for ourselves is to stay calm and write clear statements; a strategy if you like.
We are winning 2021 and this is how we will do it together - Ella Temisan
I’ve decided that the best way to go in and come out with a win at the end is to follow these simple steps:
The first one is to write your personal goals down like in a vision statement. New Year resolutions are cliché, who even follows through with it anyway? I say the best thing to do would be to write down some wins you want. Write down just a few sentences, nothing complicated. You don’t want to do too much.
The second step is to join a community. It could be social, civic, religious, literary or anyone that helps you engage more closely with other people. I’m thinking the pandemic era calls for more association with other people. Relationships like this help improve mental health.

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The third is to plan some fun! A wise man once said, “chop life, problem no dey finish.” Folks, that is the gospel truth. It is important to plan some enjoyment outside all the stress of staying ahead this year. The fun might not be going out to clubs or Owambes because of Covid-19 regulations in Lagos State but if we keep our communities close, we might find creative ways to enjoy ourselves.
Finally, don’t be hard on yourself. These steps are like guidelines to end up achieving something useful this year.
It doesn’t mean that freestyling won’t work if that’s more your style. Just know that nothing is guaranteed; and you have to keep trying while hoping for the best.
Stay safe, the Coronavirus is very real. Have a wonderful week!

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