We must keep charity alive if the spirit of Lagos is to live – Ella Temisan

We must keep charity alive if the spirit of Lagos is to live – Ella Temisan


Recently, I’ve found myself wondering a lot about how people manage to stay gingered and cheerful; especially in Lagos.


How do they know they are falling apart yet gather the power to keep pushing? I don’t know. I can’t say it’s the Spirit of Lagos. Because that spirit has gone on a long holiday.


If for nothing, for the alarming rate of negativity that has been floating in the atmosphere.


It is this negativity that has forced me to prefer staying in my house even more. Although I’d like to go out once in a while. I’d like to attend wedding ceremonies, hang out with my friends; chill at a bar and play at the beach. I want to live life like it is in the 90s when times are simpler.


I want fun! But I can’t bring myself to do these things. Asides from the fact that we are still in a pandemic – the one that everybody has conveniently ignored – there is no money on ground. Therefore, there is no joy. And it’s getting to me.


The last time I went to a Lagos market and did not walk around less than three times before buying one item was two years ago. Everything has changed so much. You are left to question how traders are still able to stock their shops. The strength to haggle has even left me because when the market people try to get you to buy their goods, they beg now.


We must keep charity alive if the spirit of Lagos is to live - Ella Temisan




It can’t be format because I too want to beg them to accept what I can pay for what they’re selling.



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So, how can I go out for fun events in Lagos when I can see the hunger around me? Call me an empath or altruistic if you like, but it is truly what it is. There is hunger on ground, with no sight of when it’ll go away.


Knowing this makes it difficult to justify the N6,000 I might choose to spend on a pizza. I know I should live my life and do what I can do for others. But it’s tough.


Things are hard in Lagos. It’s affecting me.


Is there a way you try to help others who are visibly struggling? When last did you call your family and other relatives? This charity and love are not meant for strangers only.


I’m asking because I believe life might be easier if we can all check on each other. Give a little help that we can give, you know? There must be somebody that’s just waiting for a Samaritan touch somewhere. The Samaritan could be you, if you like.



We don’t all have so much that we can afford to become wasteful. Even our celebrities know where their power stop. But what you have, if you can, share with somebody. It may be the solution to sailing through these tough times.



What do you think? 


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