“We shot Acrimony in five days” – Taraji P. Henson

“We shot Acrimony in five days” – Taraji P. Henson

Hollywood actress Taraji P. Henson has revealed that she shot her scenes for the critically acclaimed film “Acrimony” in less than a week. In a recent Instagram post shared to her Instagram, she said she shot the psychological thriller within five days while also filming for “Empire”.

“I filmed my role in Acrimony in FIVE DAYS in the middle of playing Cookie on @Empire!! Tyler Perry told me I could do it, so of course, I believed him . I was soooo afraid I would fail because I had no time to get into character (so I thought)!”


“I learned something new about my instrument on this production. We also had no time for a lot of takes so EVErY scene was about two takes…maybe three and then it was time to move on 🥵!! WOW.”

Tyler Perry’s film Acrimony was released in May 2018. However, the storyline still sparks heated conversations on social media.

The story follows Melinda (Taraji P. Henson) and Robert (Lyriq Bent) who met in College.

Melinda goes against the wish of her sisters to build a relationship with a rich suitor and instead, falls in love with Robert.

She pays his way through college only to be told he is unable to find work; because he is a felon and spent two years in prison for stealing shoes.

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This continues for years until Robert meets his long lost friend who he cheated on Melinda with. She promises to help him speak with people who can help his battery project (he had been working on it for years) become a reality.

When Melinda finds out he’s still in talks with the said lady, she pushes Robert out of her house; and divorces him even after he was apologises repeatedly.

Robert moves in with the new woman and soon, his battery project is brought to life.

He pays Melinda handsomely for her support, but now, she wanted more. She goes mad seeing that Robert is giving this woman the life he promised her.


Eventually, she kills Robert and also dies in the process.

Despite it being four years, the conversation on “Acrimony” is still a sore spot for internet goers many of whom cant agree on who’s wrong between Melinda and Robert.

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