Wedding vows every couple needs

Wedding vows every couple needs



Wedding trends have noticeably changed over the years. Now, women work equally if not more than men and can easily balance their social and personal life. And keeping the modern relationship in mind.


Here are 5 new age wedding vows that every couple needs to enhance and solidify their marriage over the years.


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We will divide the household chores equally

Since both of you will be working, dividing the chores like cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning will help ease the burden and get the work done faster. Plus it helps you bond and understand each other better as you work together.


We will take care of each other’s feelings

With so many distractions and social media, there is bound to be issues and feelings that crop up while dealing with each other. Always promise to keep your partner’s feelings above everything else come what may. They are now your responsibility and you need to start being aware of how your actions could hurt them.




We will respect each other’s social circles

You and your partner could have the same friend circles or a completely different set of social circles. But that doesn’t mean you disrespect, taunt or judge your partner or their friends for anything. Everyone needs a group of friends that help them be their true selves. You are their partner and friend, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have other friends in their life. Be kind and understanding with their friends and undoubtedly with their family.


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We will not force our partners into anything

You need to respect their wishes and not cross boundaries. Forcing your partner into anything such as their dressing sense, eating habits or in the bedroom equals a bad partner. You need to understand what is okay with your partner and how comfortable they are with you and your opinions. You shouldn’t want to change anything in your partner in the first place so be mindful when you suggest anything even casually since it could hurt their feelings.


We are both responsible at all costs

At the end of the day, after marriage, you both will be seen as a united front when it comes to anything. And if there are any problems, at home amongst yourself or with your future-in-laws, you need to resolve it before it turns serious. Any mistakes, losses or arguments about petty things is the responsibly of both of the partners to clear out and accept their faults. That helps build trust and increases intimacy between you both.

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