What is smelling? The hypocrisy of Hisbah – Seye Olaniyonu

What is smelling? The hypocrisy of Hisbah – Seye Olaniyonu

If hypocrisy were to be body odour, no deodorant can save Hisbah, because the hypocrisy in this group stinks to the high heavens.


Islam forbids double standards, injustice and most especially, hypocrisy.


What is good for a random fella in Kano is also good for President Muhammadu Buhari’s son. Unfortunately, the Shariah police in the North has taken the most cowardly path in their selective application of their justice. Yes, their justice, because that is not from the Sunnah or the Quran.


Worse still, the Hisbah had even gone as far as justifying its double standards; noting that the tenets of Islam forbids public castigation or criticism of leaders.


The Ummah which Prophet Muhammed (SAW) created in Medina was a society of equity, fairness, justice and egalitarianism. The law that was binding on ordinary members was the same on the disciples of the prophet and even on him. That society did not discriminate against people of other faiths.


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The leaders in the North are robbing their society blindingly through corruption; denying the people basic necessities of life, which is forbidden in accordance with Shariah. But Hisbah will turn a blind eye to that but will be willing to apply the full force of the same law against a petty thief that dares to steal in the market.


For instance, Atiku’s daughter-in-law can wear a revealing dress but Hisbah will miss it. Also Buhari’s son’s wedding guests can rock to Naira Marley’s erotic porn-inspired song without Hisbah noticing?


Hisbah is not a religious police but simply put, a tool of oppression by the ruling elites, who are willing to use every means to keep the masses subjugated. If the Shariah police are not tools of oppression, then their justice should be blindfolded with a scale and sword, not as a symbolic gesture but in deeds.


By deciding to live by a religious code, there ought to be a larger burden of morality on the part of Hisbah and the Shariah court system.


The level of arbitrariness in the dispensation of justice is neither Islamic nor moral.


When the son of Umar (RTA), Abu Shahma committed fornication, the Khalifah did not spare him. Justice was swift and transparent. According to an account, Abu Shahma, who was living in Egypt had reported himself to the governor of Egypt, Amr bin Al Aas. The punishment was applied in private at the compound of the governor.


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Za'a Dinkawa Yan Hisbah sababbin Kaya-Hisbah Kano - Express Radio 90.3 FM  Kano


When Umar, who was the Caliph, heard of the undue favouritism given to his son, here is the letter he wrote to the governor from Medina:


“O Amr bin Al Aas, it has come to my notice that you have been derelict in the performance of your duty. You have shown undue favour to Abu Shahma by awarding him punishment in your house rather than at a public place. You were apparently moved by the consideration that he is my son. But you should know that in such matters; I cannot tolerate any concession to a person on the ground that he is related to me. As soon as you get this letter, send Abu Shahma to Medina on a naked camel.”


If the son of the Khalifah could get 100 lashes of the whip, who are you to complain? That was the message. Indeed, it was a massage that sank into the consciousness of the members of the society.


While some of us find some part of the Shariah to be uncivilized; unlike Hisbah, there was no favouritism even to the son of Umar.


As always, Hisbah missed that story. It is high time someone told it to those moustache-wearing Taliban wannabe that it is all or nothing.


If your law is for the ordinary people in the society, then that is not justice. In fact, it is contrary to the teachings of the Prophet. Rosululahi created an egalitarian society that Karl Marx would have appreciated.


Take on Buhari, take on Atiku, or any of the governors. Then we will take you seriously. But until then, you are just a bunch of hypo-what?



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  1. Yakubu Sule

    Thank you for this wonderful write up on Hisbah. You have not open up on some of the hypocritical happenings with the group. For instance you don’t sale or drink alcohol in Kano; if you do, you are in for it better still, if you are caught selling , the whole consignment will be destroyed because according to Islam it is Haram yet the Taxes collected from Nigeran Breweries, Guinness etc. form part of the monthly allocation to the state from the Federal Government (Federation Account) out of the Hisbah police’s salaries are paid. So who is fooling who. Advise your State Government to ask the FG to excuse them when sharing income generated from all forbidden activities to comply with the Shariah Code otherwise, please find something meaningful to do instead of speaking with both sides of your mouths.


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