What is this I’m hearing about global warming in Lagos? – Ella Temisan

What is this I’m hearing about global warming in Lagos? – Ella Temisan


Lagos seems to be in the news for the wrong reasons once again.



On the news recently, we saw how the entire state of Texas in the US was shut down because of a blizzard. Texas is popularly known to be a temperate state. I’ve heard more than a few persons call it the Lagos of America. The weather is so favourable for Nigerians that they prefer to migrate there.



So, when the news of never-seen-before snow hit the state, you can guess that the whole world was shocked.



I would have shrugged it off as one of those things you get when you’re in the abroad. But then, I started seeing videos of snow in Saudi Arabia. Snow in Saudi Arabia! The only thing those two words have in common is that they both start with the letter S but look at them uniting.



Saudi Arabia is the desert region of the world. The area is so hot and dry that they prefer to move about at night. They didn’t even have adequate water until they made advanced technology their best friend. Now, this same Saudi Arabia saw snow.



What next?

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The answer to that question came soon enough when strange harmattan weather took over Lagos for a few days. Imagine the confusion when the intense heat we had been dealing with for some weeks gave way to a dusty; dry, cool harmattan breeze. I couldn’t understand why. It’s almost the rainy season so why are we enjoying December weather in February?



Popular opinions say it’s because of global warming. The earth is heating up too much and causing the ozone layer to vanish in bits. So, nature’s weatherman is confused.





What is this I’m hearing about global warming in Lagos? - Ella Temisan




Please, nature, don’t be confused again. Anything more than harmattan and the Lagos government can’t handle it. Anything more than dry weather and we are in trouble. Did you see Texas struggle? That’s a city in a country that’s supposed to be a world power and they couldn’t do much to save all those lives and properties lost.



Now, imagine that was Lagos. Wahala go dey be that o. No amount of talk will save us.



In Lagos, we have a lot on our plate as it is already, dealing with Covid-19 and other issues. But I just hope our Emergency Response Agency is starting to think outside the box for times when we won’t be able to explain what’s happening.

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