What madness drove Fati to sleep with her sons? – Peju Akande

What madness drove Fati to sleep with her sons? – Peju Akande




The recent shocking story of a woman, Fati who slept with her sons and had kids by them is another one that calls to mind the foibles of men.




We blame the gods for Odewale’s malaise in “The Gods are not to Blame;” a tragic drama written by the late Ola Rotimi. In the play, the gods had ordained that Odewale would kill his own father, marry his own mother and even bear children through her.



Once made aware of this prophecy, Odewale ran from his ill fate. He journeyed far from where he thought was his land of birth; he ran far from the woman he thought was his biological mother…into a foreign land…into the arms of his biological mother, marrying her and fathering children through her.



Odewale hung himself when he found out the gods had messed him up!


What madness drove Fati to sleep with her sons? – Peju Akande



But what gods are messing up Adamu Sabi Sime; the Beninoise immigrant in Kwara state reported to have been sleeping with his own biological mother; (his brother who had joined him in the act is now on the run). Both were said to have fathered three children through her.

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What demon did they stir to so afflict them that they both slept with a woman who birthed them and fathered three children through her?



Or maybe I should ask, what omen were they running from? As I assume no normal human being will sleep with his mother; no normal human being will, have sex consistently with her two sons…This isn’t normal!



It is evil!



A mother is said to know best…Fati knows nothing.



A mother is said to be the one who can lay down her life for her children.



Fati did the opposite; she took her own children’s lives…her grandchildren included!




What madness drove Fati to sleep with her sons? – Peju Akande


A mother is golden, Fati is trash!



But does it mean her sons have no blame in all of these?


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They do but ask yourself; what possesses a mother to open her legs for not just one son; but two sons to have sex with her? As in, she lies down naked and they come to her naked and have sex!



This stinks to the heavens!


This kind of story gives you a headache all day.



Granted that Adamu Sime and his mother aren’t Nigerians; but who’s to say this sort of depravity doesn’t exist among us; especially where we have a spreading sickness of fathers having sex with their daughters?




It’s so common we don’t even spit out our condemnation anymore. We simply flip to the next story. On this Fati and her incestuous sons’ matter, like Omawunmi sang; “If you ask me, na who I go ask? The matter wey you see so, e heavy for hand.”

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