What makes living in Lagos so special? – Ella Temisan

What makes living in Lagos so special? – Ella Temisan



If you’ve been following the recent banter on social media, then you must understand this question about Lagos.


They’ve dragged our Eko through the mud! Internet people have finished us with the annoyance of ten generations.


Kai! If it was possible to feel any more shame, I’d be drowning in a well full of it now. So, I ask, what makes living in Lagos so special?






There is not a thing that makes being a Lagosian special. It is the most stressful and overrated place to live in.


It is dirty, noisy and jam-packed with people from all kinds of regions and nationalities.


Also, Lagos is unfair and demanding.


So many things are wrong with Lagos State and living in it is not something you’d want for anybody.




What makes living in Lagos so special? - Ella Temisan



Except the person is living in the good parts of Ikoyi; with personal servants and a chauffeured car with excellent shock absorbers.


I’d usually jump to praise Lagos. After all, I’ve benefited from the hustle. But not this time, abeg. I’m tired. I just want to sleep one night and wake up to see that everywhere is like VGC. Those people really created a near-perfect oasis in the middle of chaos. I salute them.


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But can somebody duplicate that system so that it benefits everybody? Can somebody also find a solution to the long traffic jam they cause daily, even on a Sunday? VGC residents live so perfectly in their haven that they seemingly don’t give a care about what happens around them. That is a big example of why Lagos is not special.



Authority and governance are not decentralised. It operates and focuses on certain communities or people, if you like. This is the first problem I’d expect anybody interested in dragging Lagos to use as a bullet. Forget the boujie overpriced restaurants; the general lack of actual recreational activities; the Yoruba demon drama and the dating crisis and all that.



My first take on why living in Lagos is not something to be proud of at all is the classism that leaves many people living like beggars.



What makes living in Lagos so special? - Ella Temisan



Have you noticed how many people just go about expecting something from anybody for doing nothing? You can’t even get help with parking your car without your helper asking for something to buy water. Not that I have a problem with charity. But let’s be clear, there is a difference between doing good and enabling bad behaviour.



And I strongly believe this bad behaviour was born out of being trained to expect breadcrumbs from the Lagos wealthy. They help to make living in Lagos displeasing.



If you want to drag Lagos, do it with your chest.


Tag everybody you like. But if you are part of or know somebody that’s a contributor to why we complain so much, you all should fix up.



We are tired.

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