What Oyinbo man can do Naija man will never do by Tee

What Oyinbo man can do Naija man will never do by Tee

In Asia despite the fact that they are a hugely populated continent you can still find a lot of diversity as you have people from all over the world who work and reside in the continent. This has also opened my eyes to different cultures and different methods of executing business. There are many Oyinbos here and one thing I have realized that stands out is that Africans and Oyinbos do not take the same kind of risks:


1. Climb the mountain: in Borneo, which is made up of vast vegetation with various species of wild life, there are a lot of             opportunities for hiking, camping and the likes. My oyibo brothers and sisters love to go mountain climbing, hiking and camping in the forest. Mind you in this forest you have snakes, alligators, wild birds, wild boars, monitor lizards, monkeys, mosquitoes, sand flies, Oyibo will brave it and go into the forest, and claim they had a fabulous experience. Naija man can never try that at all. We no get that kind liver. Even my mother as spiritual as she is didn’t climb mount Sinai and when I asked why, her reply was: “when Moses didn’t climb mount Sinai why would I?”

2.Go swimming after making fine hair: hair making is like gold in this part of the world. If you find someone that can make and understand the intricacies of the African hair then you are in heaven because many of them have never encountered our type of hair before so they are usually more or less confused as to what to do. So, imagine, after sitting for two to three days to make hair, that you want to CARRY for at least four months, you put it inside the water because you want to swim. Impossible. Oyinbo will just dip their body and hair inside the water like fish, after swimming they would, blow-dry the hair and voila they are back to looking sexy, black woman cannot fit. I have just made my hair and my swimming lessons have been halted until further notice.

3. Ride bicycle under the scorching sun: if someone had told me that Asia would be this hot I would have said they were lying but as it turns out Asia is one of the hottest continents ever. As a matter of fact some countries in Asia are hotter than Nigeria. I have not lived here for up to one year and I am several shades darker. You can never find a Nigerian man or woman riding bicycle under  the hot sun, but the oyinbos love riding their bicycle outside because the scorching sun makes them tan and gives them a fantastic look, making them the envy of their peers when they get back home.

4.Drink coffee or tea: the amount of coffee and tea I have taken in this continent is more than the coffee or tea I have taken my entire life. I can never understand how people would drink hot coffee or hot tea constantly, in this heat. When Naija man or woman is asking for cold drinks either Coca Cola products or a cold beer, oyinbo man must drink tea or coffee. If you visit oyinbo house at midday be rest assured you would be offered something hot like TEA.

5.See a stray cat or dog, then bend down and stroke it: protecting animals and natural vegetation is very big over here, so you see cats, dogs, monkeys walking around freely like landlords. One thing I know is that as a Naija woman I do not like cats, and I think the feeling is mutual. Even my little daughter screams and runs away when she sees a cat. So it is ingrained in us from childhood. African man and woman no like cats, but oyibo will see stray cats or dogs, bend down and play with it, sometimes go out of their way to feed them. I have tried my best to blend in but there are just some things I cannot do as a Naija woman. Like I said earlier I no get liver and I can’t shout.

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