What won’t you do for money? Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha

What won’t you do for money? Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha


The thirst for money is not the same in all of us.


It is so odd that it at this stage of my life that it is really hitting me hard that the relationship between people and money/wealth is not the same.


I have been following the story of the job seeker Iniobong Umoren. I have carefully kept an eye on the allegations made by David Hundenyin; concerning the real story behind this young lady’s death. It was a fantastical tale that seemed to transcend mere ritual killings. Organ harvesting was implied as really big names were called.


Now, let me be clear, I do not know if these allegations are true. So, I am in no way accusing anyone of doing anything. I am simply referencing an article published by the investigative journalist. (Biko, I dey fear and I no dey exile).



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But it got me thinking.



There are many unimaginable evils on this earth. I can’t think of anything as nefarious as organ harvesting.



That chills me to my bones.



What won’t you do for money? Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha



I can’t imagine how much money would make a person deliberately kill another person; just so that they can sell off their parts like an animal.



Or is it that I have led a relatively comfortable life so I cannot understand how poverty can push people? How do you kill another human being so that you can live in luxury?


I get the Ted Bundy’s and co. The serial killers who have a compulsion to kill and they get a thrill from it. If you tell me that some engine in a person is knocked such that they become sociopaths and find the thought of killing another person thrilling, my head can see that.



A lot of these guys rarely lived normal lives. A lot of dysfunctions led them to a certain place.



Tell me that an armed robbery incident happened, and people robbed were killed. I may postulate reasons why. Maybe the robbers were jittery and fear led to the death of someone. Or someone recognized one of them; and had to be killed. Or even someone was high and got blood thirsty.


Or someone is kidnapped and then the victim is killed because he knows too much or there is no safe way of delivering him. It may even be that the kidnappers decided he is expendable.


As gruesome as these things are, there are explanations that are plausible as to why people kill other people.  (I hope this doesn’t sound like I condone it. I do not.)



But you see the one that I cannot bend my mind around is the cold-blooded killing of a person so that one may have access to an organ in the person’s body.


“So, a human is targeted simply because one needs to sell a part of his body to make money.



Few things rock my mind like this.


How do you look at a human being and just see how much money you can make from their death?


It is not even that you hate them. No personal feelings. It is not that killing is your things. No, this is just a way to be rich.


What is the value of money again?



What won’t you do for money? Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha



You want to make so much money so that you can buy a nice car or a house; or spend at clubs or to be recognized in the society. All to what end?



I was telling my friends that I have never dreamt of becoming a billionaire. In fact, I don’t want to. I am not even working towards this.



They were stunned.


Who says that?



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Me. I like being able to legitimately afford things. I want to leave a comfortable life. Also, I want my kids to go to really good schools and to give them a good foot forward in life. I would like a house that is comfortable. A car that is not giving me problems that I can upgrade as I can afford.



But you see, this stupendous wealth that people are trying to get is something that I cannot relate to.



I have no Banana Island, private jet, Ferrari dreams. I have never followed Mompha or Hushpuppi just to ogle at the wealth they display. Indeed, I find it vulgar and unattractive. It does not impress me.



I cannot tell the things that are designers nor do I spend sleepless nights agitating over what I cannot afford.



What won’t you do for money? Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha


Therefore, I can’t relate with people desperate to ‘make it’ at all costs. I don’t get the yahoo yahoo boys. I don’t get the people who raise money to give ritualists so that they can be given ‘soap’ for wealth. Also, I do not get people who will pay hundreds of thousands of naira for a chance to cross Libya and have a better life.



But I have to be cautious.



Is this a privileged me talking?  My husband and I are, somehow by the grace of God, able to meet our obligations. Sometimes, it is hard. We have had to borrow or break down payments just to be able to afford things. So, maybe I have never been attacked by gut-wrenching poverty to understand why people will do anything for money.



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And it is a valid prayer to say ‘may I never be in the position whereby I can take a human’s life because I need money.’



I don’t want a seared conscience.



How does one live with these atrocities they have committed?



I don’t even want to know.



Money isn’t everything.



May God help us.



May the evil living amongst us be fished out.


Every single day, we hear of people going missing. There is so much desperation in the land.


Stay safe, my people.


If you believe in God, pray.


There is a pandemic that is killing people daily that isn’t COVID-19.


Greed and desperation for wealth.




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