What you need to know before dating a younger guy

What you need to know before dating a younger guy



As it is relationships are complicated and if you have to deal with the age-gap, you have to be really careful about it.


Looking at other such couples will not do the trick.


Dating a man younger to you is difficult especially in our culture where you will have to face a lot of situations and answer a lot of questions.

But if it’s the other way round where a man is dating a younger woman, it’s completely normal.


This is why, it’s time we change how people think and accept the concept of women dating younger men.

And if you’re already in love with a younger man but are not sure if you should date him or not, these pointers will help:


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– Since he might not be married or have a long-term relationship in the past; he might not have a lot of emotional baggage.


– A younger man might have different set of priorities than you.

He might also not plan on wanting a family; or children as soon as you’d want since he’d want to focus on his career first.

– The guy would be more adventurous in life and might turn out to be a fun person who’d want to be spontaneous too.

This also means he could spice things up in the bedroom.

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– You two might have different definitions of commitment. He might not want to commit or give tags to the relationship how you’d want to. A younger man might not want to settle for a long term relationship and might just want to have some fun.


– He might not have enough relationship experience and might have problems resolving conflicts. Also, he might not be as emotionally matured as you might expect him to be.


-Younger men often seek out older women because; they like being taken care of and they might feel that women their own age can’t satisfy that need for them.


This is why, be very careful of making a decision to date a younger guy. Look at all the pros and cons of it and if you still feel it right, simply go for it.

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